Get more value from both your current and your legacy data

RWS Data Services

Whether you want to gain actionable insights from raw data in real time; perform trend analysis on processed data; or migrate existing data to a new system, application or storage location, RWS data experts can help. We combine wide-ranging experience and deep technology expertise to develop solutions that help customers in many industries make better use of data to support their business ambitions.

You can count on us for…

Unparalleled expertise

Working with RWS lets you tap into to the skills and expertise of our data scientists, data migration engineers, and certified data experts. Our teams are familiar with multiple data formats; a wide range of storage systems, cloud platforms and related technologies; and leading data processing, analytics and visualization tools.

Increased value from your data

We can help you get more value from your data by: • Delivering a data science solution that lets you combine data from multiple systems and sources for analysis and visualisation, allowing you to extract actionable insights and business intelligence. Migrating your data from legacy to modern systems to take advantage of new capabilities or support new, more efficient business processes. Converting unstructured data to a structured format to enable analysis and reporting

ROI optimization

Our strategic location in India helps you control development costs and optimize ROI by providing affordable access to highly skilled resources in an offshore working model. As an alternative to offshore working, our teams can work onshore at your location, or stay remote but work in line with your time zone.

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