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A dynamic business environment calls for responsive, reliable web and mobile applications that enable transformation and deliver ROI. When what you need isn't readily available off the shelf, choose RWS application development services to create customized apps or modernize your legacy apps – and provide support and maintenance to keep them operational and future ready.
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End-to-end capabilities

At RWS we have the technology skills and expertise to be your one-stop shop for any custom application development or modernization project. Through our software engineering team, complemented by experience design and DevOps professionals, we cover the entire web and mobile application development lifecycle – from project initiation, through development and testing, to deployment, maintenance and support.

Efficient development, quality assured

You can count on us to meet application deployment timelines as we follow best-practice processes, keep to defined project schedules, and use a proven quality assurance framework. Wherever possible, we accelerate application development or modernization by employing re-usable components and frameworks. In addition to speeding up the process, using tried-end-tested elements helps to ensure delivery of robust, reliable applications.

Flexible engagement models

If you don't need a full project team, but you do need to boost your resources, RWS can assign technology experts to complement your own developers. For example, we can provide onshore or offshore software engineers to help you deliver an especially large, urgent or complex project; or to close a specific skills gap in your own team, such as .NET or Java. In addition, RWS DevOps support is available for activities such as deployment, creating automation flows, and infrastructure setup.

Whatever you need in application development and support services

Our application developers and support professionals create, modernize, support and maintain applications ranging from mobile apps and web portals to data warehousing and analytics solutions – whether hosted in a data centre, or delivered from the cloud. Find out more about what's on offer.
Custom application development Application modernization Application maintenance and support

If commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software can't meet your specific or unique business requirements without extensive modification, custom application development can be a cost-effective alternative. Custom development can deliver better ROI while ensuring your business gets the exact functionality and features it needs. 

When you choose RWS to perform or support your custom application development, you're working with a team that combines deep technology expertise with wide-ranging project experience in a wide range of industries. We'll help you get to market quickly with a bespoke app that: 

  • Is built using the latest technologies and platforms (including emerging technologies like applied AI) 
  • Is robust and future proof 
  • Integrates with other systems and applications you use 
  • Meets your needs in full 

Custom app development is also worth considering if you want to continue using an existing application for which the code is no longer available. In these cases, our developers can reverse-engineer the app and recreate it for you in a future-proof manner. 

What we offer 

We use best-practice processes and methodologies (including Agile) to ensure efficient, cost-effective custom application development. We can support you at any or all of the following stages in the development lifecycle: 

  • Requirements gathering, including interdependencies with other apps and systems, and future needs 
  • Application design and architecture 
  • Application development (including reengineering if we're recreating an existing app) 
  • Quality assurance by our software testing professionals 
  • Deployment by our DevOps team, if you don't have your own deployment resource

If you have significant financial and operational investment in existing (or legacy) applications, you may be unwilling or unable to retire or replace them. An alternative way to ensure applications keep pace with changing market, business or user demand is to modernize them — updating them to: 

  • Take advantage of a newer software release 
  • Benefit from modern computing approaches, such as newer languages, frameworks or infrastructure platforms 
  • Incorporate emerging technologies, such as applied AI 
  • Allow new ways of working and engagement by adding web portals or mobile capabilities 

Modernizing in this way helps to protect your investment by extending the lifespan of what are typically business-critical legacy applications, while improving aspects such as performance, uptime, resilience and usability. 

RWS can help you understand the business benefits of application modernization and select the right candidates for the process. We'll ensure the data and system dependencies of a candidate application are clearly understood. Wherever possible, we use automation tools to accelerate delivery and help make modernization as cost effective as possible. And if you need us to, we can extend the service to cover deployment and maintenance of the modernized app. 

What we offer 

We can help you modernize your selected applications as appropriately, efficiently and cost effectively as possible, supporting you at any or every stage of the modernization process: 

  • Legacy applications assessment — includes evaluating candidate applications' suitability for modernization, interdependencies with other apps and systems, and the expected ROI 
  • Application modernization roadmap and strategy development 
  • Code migration using automation tools to maximize efficiency 
  • Selection of the appropriate architecture (such as microservices) and technology (such as a cloud environment), and upgrading the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) 
  • Data migration and optimization 
  • Mobile enablement, if required 
  • Deployment by our DevOps team, if you don't have your own deployment resource 
  • Maintenance of the modernized app

Once a web or mobile application has been deployed, it needs to be maintained and supported to ensure it remains effective, available and usable; and doesn't put your business at risk. 

Effective support keeps an application running smoothly and maximizes uptime for users and processes. You need specialists on hand who can react quickly to any issues or incidents reported by users or detected by monitoring, diagnose the problem, and move swiftly to resolution. 

While the support team resolves issues as they arise, application maintenance is an ongoing task that focuses on optimizing the performance, security and reliability of applications; analyzing and re-evaluating them; fixing bugs; and identifying development opportunities. 

If you don't have the right resources in house, or you want to release your IT teams for other work, you can outsource application maintenance, application support, or both, to RWS software engineering and DevOps professionals. 

What we offer 

We can maintain and support any web or mobile application built by RWS or a third party. 

Application maintenance 

  • Systems analysis for troubleshooting, development and improvement purposes 
  • Minor enhancements 
  • Configuration management – tracking and monitoring the application’s configuration history and current configuration state 
  • Corrective maintenance to rectify issues; and preventive maintenance to prevent issues occurring 
  • Database administration to maintain database availability 
  • Change management 
  • SLA management 

Application support 

  • User support – providing technical assistance to users 
  • Incident management – responding to incidents and restoring service 
  • Application monitoring for quality of service, availability, security and performance 
  • Production support – ensuring the smooth running of your application in production 
  • Environment support by our DevOps team, covering the infrastructure your application runs on 
  • SLA management 
  • Transition support – managing the handover of an application from one vendor to another

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