RWS Data Science Services

Data science services allow you to factor data-based evidence into business decisions – but the advanced nature of the analytics involved, and the vast amounts and variety of data typically being analyzed, can make it inherently challenging. RWS has the skills and experience to develop customized data science services that allow you to extract actionable information from multiple data sources and ever-growing volumes of data.
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Data-driven business

Investing in data science can lead to stronger business performance, improved conversion rates, better business decision-making, and the creation of more personalized digital customer experiences. Our certified data experts will draw on their extensive experience and deep technology expertise to design, develop and deliver a customized data science solution that's right for your business.

What do you want to learn from your data?

The data science solution we develop for you will be tailored to the nature of your business and the objectives you want to achieve. RWS Data Science Services can fulfil a wide range of real-time and near-real-time analysis requirements, including: 

  • Recommendation engines for online retail and streaming media services 
  • Sentiment analysis for marketing and customer service applications 
  • Delivery of insights that support business decision-making and strategy development 
  • Chatbots and AI assistants for customer service and information retrieval 
  • Anomaly detection for purposes such as fraud detection and cybersecurity 
  • Pattern recognition for applications like customer analytics and risk management 
  • Predictive modelling of, for example, customer behaviour for targeted marketing


Data ingestion and storage

  • Data ingestion from heterogeneous sources 
  • Data wrangling to filter and clean data and manage the data pipeline 
  • Creation of data lakes – reservoirs for any size, shape and speed of enterprise, social and device information

Data processing and ETL (extract, transform, load)

  • Data mining and development of statistical analysis to generate data insights and access data management capabilities 
  • Development of big data strategy solutions for processing large business datasets using advanced tools and techniques

Data visualization

  • Transformation, representation and filtering of complex datasets into appealing visuals alongside reporting based on business rules 
  • Information delivery from the data warehouse to business intelligence (BI) tools or custom dashboards to generate real-time graphs, charts and diagrams

Why choose RWS?

Skills and expertise

Our certified data scientists bring together data science skills and technology expertise to develop data science solutions customized to meet the needs of every customer.

Industry experience

When you choose RWS for data science services, you'll be working with professionals who have experience of providing data science solutions to clients in the retail, streaming media and other industries.

End-to-end approach

End-to-end approach Our end-to-end approach helps to ensure your data science service is centred on your business needs, incorporates data from the right sources, and delivers the right insights to help you take your business forward.

Our technology expertise

We're familiar with multiple data formats; a wide range of storage systems, cloud platforms and related technologies; and leading data processing, analytics and visualization tools.

Data ingestion and storage Data processing and ETL Analytics and business intelligence 
Apache Hadoop Apache Hive Highcharts
Amazon DynamoDB Apache Spark Tableau
AWS Apache Sqoop Microsoft Power BI
Amazon S3 Amazon Kinesis
Microsoft Azure AWS Lambda
Redis Azure Synapse Analytics
Microsoft SQL Server Azure Databricks

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