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Faster delivery of better quality software, more efficient IT operations and happier customers are the clear benefits of successful DevOps – but it takes experience to get it right. Get to market faster and respond to change more effectively with RWS DevOps Services.

Beyond CI/CD services

Most DevOps services focus only on delivering a reliable DevOps pipeline (or CI/CD pipeline) to automate application build, test and deployment. But this assumes that you have the infrastructure, systems and tools to support DevOps adoption and run an IT environment that DevOps can thrive in. To support businesses that need more than CI/CD services, we offer more.

Delivering complete DevOps-ready environments

Through a variety of devops consulting, cloud infrastructure services and IT support options we can help you to:

  • Develop a DevOps programme from scratch, including assessing your needs and building a roadmap for deployment of the appropriate systems, tools and practices
  • Set up (or migrate to) an optimal application infrastructure for effective DevOps on-premises or on any cloud platform, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS ) and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Monitor your application environments and DevOps processes to assure their performance and minimize total cost of ownership

Whatever you need in DevOps services

Our DevOps experts use proven best practices for each stage of the DevOps pipeline. Choose from any or all of these service options.
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Unsuitable infrastructure is one of the most common constraints limiting the success of businesses keen to exploit the speed and efficiency of DevOps alongside Agile development. RWS DevOps Services can help you deploy or migrate to the infrastructure you need:

  • Readily scalable (upwards and downwards) and configurable to meet changing application requirements
  • Easy to monitor, analyze and report on, helping you to understand and improve performance
  • Highly robust and resilient, with good business continuity and disaster recovery provisions
  • Properly secured and able to support the integration of security into DevOps practices (DevSecOps)
  • Development, test and production environments effectively aligned and ready for integration with your CI/CD pipeline

What we offer

While most infrastructure projects in support of DevOps will use a cloud platform or hybrid model, we do also support on-premises deployments. We can help with any or all of the following:

  • Analyzing business requirements
  • Architecture and design
  • Capacity planning and benchmarking
  • Infrastructure setup or migration
  • Scalability analysis
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Security audits and best practices, including system hardening to address security vulnerabilities

The practice of continuous integration (CI) is at the heart of DevOps, along with continuous delivery or deployment (CD) to create a CI/CD pipeline. Continuous integration requires the use of a code repository with version control, to which developers commit code frequently, at least daily. Best practices for CI include:

  • Automated build and test of each new commit, in a test environment that clones the production environment
  • Immediate availability of the results so that bugs can quickly be identified and fixed
  • Thorough documentation and feedback processes to support continual improvement of CI

What we offer

RWS DevOps Services give you peace of mind that your continuous integration setup will follow best practices. Our DevOps experts are proficient in:

  • Version control mechanisms
  • Build process definitions
  • Setting up build tools and scripts
  • Rolling out CI tools
  • Automated quality assurance (integration of testing tools)

We also offer DevOps consulting services for those who need advice and recommendations to develop their CI/CD strategy, or help assessing their existing setup for improvement.

Together with continuous integration, continuous delivery is at the heart of DevOps; the two together create a CI/CD pipeline. If the release of software to the production environment is not completely automated it's usually referred to as continuous delivery, whereas fully automated delivery is usually called continuous deployment (both referred to as 'CD').

Our deployment automation services will give you a pipeline that seamlessly integrates deployment with your development, build and test environments and follows continuous deployment best practices such as:

  • A security-first approach (DevSecOps)
  • Collection of key deployment and operational metrics to support continual improvement of the CD process
  • Reliable rollback procedures

What we offer

RWS DevOps Services give you peace of mind that your continuous deployment setup will deliver the efficiencies you expect. Our DevOps experts are proficient in:

  • Setting up automated deployment environments
  • Rolling out CD tools
  • Creating repeatable deployments scripts
  • Setting up appropriate metrics collection mechanisms and reporting
  • Defining a rollback strategy

We also offer DevOps consulting services for those who need advice and recommendations to develop their CI/CD strategy, or help assessing their existing setup for improvement.

While a good CI/CD pipeline is critical to achieving the benefits of DevOps, much of the benefit will be wasted if you assume that the job is done once an application is deployed. To build on the operational efficiencies delivered by CI/CD and assure application performance, you want your production environment to be continuously monitored so that any issues with availability, security or performance are immediately detected and addressed. Increasingly, businesses need this to be done 24x7.

RWS DevOps Services can take this on for you, giving you a cost-effective way to extend the speed, quality and efficiency benefits of CI/CD to the ongoing monitoring of IT operations. Typically we'll vastly reduce the number of IT incidents and fix any issues much more rapidly than businesses can manage themselves, as well as lower their total cost of ownership and improve the user experience that they deliver.

What we offer

We can monitor any IT environment – on-premises, cloud or hybrid – and help with any or all of the following:

  • Infrastructure and application-level monitoring (24x7x365 if required), with root cause analysis of any issues found
  • Cost optimization through regular reviews of infrastructure use and recommendations for improvement
  • Incident management, including effective documentation of approved responses to minimize the need for future escalation
  • Proactive monitoring of logs to prevent issues before they occur
  • Security management: periodic security audits adhering to relevant security standards
  • Automated configuration deployment and management
  • Backup and recovery services

Benefits of RWS DevOps Services


Get as much help as you need – or as little. We're more than a DevOps company; RWS Technology Services offers the full scope of IT services, which is why we're able to go beyond CI/CD automation to ensure that you experience the full benefits of DevOps.
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Business agility

Besides getting to market faster with applications, you'll be able to respond to change more easily, have more scalable operations, and free up IT resources to focus on innovation.
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Cost-effective quality

Use our experience – distilled into best practices and the ability to solve even the most unexpected challenges – to make DevOps work for you quickly, reliably and securely.
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Continual improvement

Whether we're automating your processes or delivering ongoing managed services, we build in mechanisms for measurement and feedback so that your service can always be improved.
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Our deep DevOps expertise helps Fortune 500 enterprises and some of the world’s fastest-growing brands more efficiently develop their software applications.

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