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Today's consumers expect the best from every digital experience. We'll help you meet those expectations across all your brand touchpoints by building a robust and scalable digital experience platform (DXP) that's customised to your needs.
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Create compelling digital experiences

Website, portal, ecommerce site, mobile app – every digital interaction channel you offer your customers should provide a compelling, personalized experience. That's why enterprises are increasingly turning to digital experience platforms (DXPs) to create, manage and continually optimize the digital experiences they deliver.

End-to-end DXP solutions

Whatever your ambition – to raise your brand profile, monetize content consumption, launch an ecommerce site – RWS DXP expertise can help. Following our tried-and-tested digital framework, we'll develop a customised DXP solution that delivers satisfying, consistent digital experiences across channels and devices. 

The DXP solution we build for you will bring together content management, analytics, workflow management, localisation and other capabilities – including third-party integrations – to help you create and manage content, gain insights into your users, and personalize their digital experience of your brand.

DXP migrations

Perhaps you're already using a DXP solution that isn't delivering optimal experiences. Issues like low search engine rankings and slow page loads can harm the digital experience, leading to poor traffic growth or limited user retention. 

To resolve these and other challenges, we can migrate your websites, data, content and other digital assets to a more suitable DXP (or a more recent version of your existing DXP technology) to enable access to new features and improve both the solution performance and the user experience.

Case study: growing subscriptions and ad revenues

When we migrated a US publication's content management system (CMS) and website to a new DXP technology, the improved digital experience led to benefits including: 

  • 48% increase in monthly page views 
  • 17% decrease in the bounce rate 
  • 90% relevancy for site searches 
  • Exponential growth in subscriptions 
  • Increased Facebook Instant Article ad revenues

Ecommerce solutions

We create comprehensive, scalable ecommerce and mcommerce solutions that integrate a CMS with other technologies including marketing automation, customer data platform (CDP), customer relationship management (CRM), payment, analytics, reporting and product information management systems. 

Ecommerce trends indicate that consumers tend to use different devices for different phases of their shopping journeys. So the ability to recognize a customer at every step is critical to delivering the optimal digital shopping experience. You can count on us to develop a solution that helps you to: 

  • Efficiently manage your customers' cross-channel experiences 
  • Ensure smooth transitions between digital touchpoints
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Our DXP services

Design and development

We design and develop all types of websites and apps: 

  • Consumer websites 
  • Corporate websites 
  • Enterprise applications 
  • Intranet portals 
  • Microsites 
  • Ecommerce sites 
  • Mobile apps 
  • Kiosk applications


We can integrate a range of platforms and systems into your DXP solution, including: 

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) 
  • CDP 
  • CRM 
  • Payment gateways 
  • Donation platforms 
  • Monetization options (paywalls, subscription services, ad servers) 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Social media


Your DXP solution can incorporate marketing capabilities such as: 

  • SEO 
  • Newsletter management 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Promotions 
  • Coupon codes

User engagement

To boost user engagement, we can build these and other features into your DXP solution: 

  • Gamification 
  • Polls and surveys 
  • Discussion forums 
  • Multilingual content 
  • Themes
  • Interactive design 
  • Micro-animations

Content discovery

To support content discovery, we'll build into your DXP solution capabilities like: 

  • Content hierarchy 
  • Taxonomy 
  • Search 
  • Personalization 
  • Recommendations

Why choose RWS?

Industry experience

When building your custom DXP solution, we'll draw on our 20+ years of experience of doing the same for multinational customers in a range of industries including media, publishing, healthcare and retail.

End-to-end approach

RWS is your one-stop shop for DXP solution strategy, design, development and deployment. We can additionally provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your solution to keep it running smoothly.

Globalization support

We complement our technology expertise with extensive RWS content localization services to help businesses go global with ease and confidence.

Benefits-driven model

We aim to deliver strong ROI on every project. To demonstrate measurable benefits, we benchmark performance before and after solution implementation using relevant metrics such as reduction in bounce rate; or growth in search engine traffic, page views, subscriptions or online sales.

Technology expertise

We'll base your solution on one of a number of market-leading DXP or ecommerce technologies, customizing it and integrating third-party systems and services as needed. 

Alternatively, we can build a custom DXP or ecommerce platform to meet your specific requirements. 

We use Coveo’s AI-powered search to personalize your product offerings and recommendations to make every digital experience relevant to your users.

DXP technology platforms Ecommerce technology platforms


Our own enterprise-grade composable DXP. It offers structured and web content management enhanced through semantic AI, and a range of connectors to other marketing technologies. 

We provide consulting, integration on-premises implementation and monitoring; as well as cloud deployment through our Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) model.

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A widely used open-source content and blogging platform. We provide WordPress customizations, supported by development, enhancement, migration and maintenance services, to help businesses optimize their digital presence and enhance their brand influence.


A leading open-source DXP that combines content management tools with APIs for multichannel publishing. Through our consulting, development, migration and upgrade services, we enable rapid deployment of customized, feature-rich Drupal websites that encourage customer engagement.


A composable DXP that unifies content, experience and commerce. As a certified SiteCore partner, we enrich the platform with personalization, analytics and automation capabilities to deliver contextualized digital and ecommerce experiences across multiple touchpoints.


A configurable web-based collaboration platform. We use SharePoint to develop scalable business repositories for content management, knowledge-sharing and information access through contextual search.


We help customers build Shopify into their platforms to enable global, cross-channel retail propositions.


Through our consulting, implementation and support services, we deliver end-to-end Sitecore ecommerce solutions.


Supporting the entire ecommerce lifecycle, our Magento services include planning, development and optimization.


We integrate the WooCommerce platform into WordPress sites to enable scalable online sales strategies.

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