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Mobile apps, websites and other digital services must be thoroughly tested before launch to avoid the flaws that can put data security, customer satisfaction and brand reputation at risk. RWS Software Testing Services can meet all your quality assurance (QA) and testing needs, from end-to-end testing services across the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to allocation of specialists to supplement your own testing team.
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Comprehensive software testing services

We use manual and automated testing methodologies to address a variety of QA and software testing needs. Our testing professionals independently validate the performance, quality, functionality, interoperability, compliance and usability of your software to give you confidence that it will operate as expected and provide a great user experience (UX). Our software testing services fit every stage of the SDLC, whether you're developing a new solution, upgrading an existing one, or want post-development testing support.

Certified professionals

The majority of our software testing services team members hold one or more of the following certifications: 

  • International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification 
  • Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA) 
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

Flexible engagement models

With a range of engagement models we can meet your testing needs with the right balance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality. 

Turnkey onsite. We take end-to-end ownership of the testing strategy and process, working at your site for the project duration. 

Skills supplementation. We augment your own testing resources with skilled personnel based at your site for the required duration. 

Offshore dedicated centre. Our testing professionals manage and execute your entire testing project from an RWS delivery centre. 

Collaboration model. Your RWS team comprises: 

  • Personnel working onsite with you on project documentation, analysis, testing and deployment 
  • Resources who create test plans and perform testing from one of our delivery centres

Whatever you need from software testing services

Our cost-effective software testing services – manual, automation, performance and security – will help you launch flawless apps, websites and other digital services in a timely way. Find out more about what's on offer.
Manual testing Automation testing Performance testing Security testing

Our hand-picked, dedicated testing team will work with your developers, business analysts and other stakeholders to understand requirements, build a comprehensive test plan, design test cases, execute the tests, help remediate defects, and retest until satisfactory completion of the project. You'll benefit from a reduced cost of ownership and shorter time to production, and your team will be released to focus on new projects. 

What we offer 

Our wide range of manual testing services covers the following: 

  • Functional testing. We deliver a full scope of functional testing services to help ensure your digital product has been developed in line with requirements and functions in a way that will resonate with users. 
  • Usability testing. To identify weaknesses and usability issues in the user interface design and logic, we perform a 360-degree assessment covering the information architecture, the user journey, and the user interface. We can additionally perform A/B testing. 
  • Integration testing. Even if individual solution components are working correctly, you can't assume they will work seamlessly together. We perform integration testing – covering aspects like data flow, control flow, timing and memory usage – so that incompatibilities can be promptly detected and fixed in parallel with ongoing development
  • Regression testing. Regression testing mitigates against the risk of code changes causing issues or problems. Our regression testing: 
    • Enables early bug detection, which saves time and cost compared with fixing them later 
    • Provides confidence that critical features are working flawlessly 
    • Reduces pre-release testing time to help you get to market faster 
    Compatibility testing. Ensuring your app, website or other digital product is compatible with all the devices, browsers and operating systems on the market today can seem like a daunting task, but it's critical to customer satisfaction. Our compatibility testing ensures your software performs as expected across devices and platforms so that you can: 
    • Optimize your development process 
    • Reach a wider audience 
    • Reduce customer support effort and cost 
  • Localization testing. To connect with audiences in multiple geographies, you'll want to localize your app or website. Our localization testing covers aspects such as functionality, user interface, language, platform compatibility and interoperability, to help you: 
    • Make the right impression on users in all your target markets 
    • Ensure adherence to local standards and conventions 
    • Expand market coverage and increase your return on investment 
  • Accessibility testing. To check that mobile, web and desktop apps offer equal access to all users we apply our knowledge of regulations and guidelines relating to accessibility, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and Section 508 of the US Workforce Rehabilitation Act 1973,. Among the features we test are: 
    • Navigation 
    • Content readability 
    • Colour contrast 
    • Page zoom feature 
    • Image size and colour 
  • API testing. An untested or faulty API can have serious consequences ranging from inability to access information to data security risks. We can test APIs into your site, as well as API calls from your site to third-party services, to ensure they are bug free and fully operational, and that they meet expectations for security, performance, functionality and reliability. API testing helps you: 
    • Maintain the integrity of your app 
    • Retain users 
    • Keep revenue growth on track

Automation testing enables efficient, consistent high-volume testing using software tools to execute pre-scripted tests within a framework that can be modified as required. This approach to testing apps, websites and other digital services can: 

  • Save cost, time and effort and so accelerate time to market 
  • Spot errors in the software as they occur 
  • Improve test coverage 
  • Enable expansion of ad-hoc and exploratory testing 

What we offer 

To ensure a clear automation strategy and roadmap, which are key to delivering the right return on investment, our automation testing approach incorporates: 

  • Assessment of your automation needs and application landscape 
  • Assessment of your existing automation solution, if you have one 
  • Tool selection, proof of concept and implementation 
  • Automated test script creation using an appropriate framework 
  • Creation of regression testing suites with flexible execution options 
  • Integration of test suites into your CI/CD pipeline 
  • Future maintenance and enhancement

Performance testing focuses on ensuring that an app or website is stable and runs smoothly in line with user expectations. Performance testing helps you to: 

  • Identify app performance issues for remediation to optimize the user experience 
  • Determine performance and scalability under normal and peak load conditions 
  • Measure performance under conditions that replicate anticipated future user load, helping you plan for an influx of new users or customers 
  • Compare existing and new versions of an app to evaluate improvements 

What we offer 

To provide insights into the performance of your app or website, we can carry out tests such as: 

  • Load testing, to determine the system threshold and whether an app or website can support the required target load
  • Endurance and stability testing under a mid-level load 
  • Stress testing, to test the upper limits of an app or website 
  • Scalability testing, to understand how the software performs during changes to architecture or processing power 
  • Volume testing under accumulating data loads 
  • Performance testing under various software and hardware configurations

Growing volumes of data and privacy breaches, hacking attacks, unauthorized access and other cyber crimes make security testing a critical part of the application lifecycle. Our security testing specialists can evaluate the security of your applications and infrastructure to check for vulnerabilities that could provide routes in for attackers. 

What we offer 

We follow the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide, Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) and Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS). Among the security tests we perform are: 

  • Vulnerability assessments, combining manual testing and automated vulnerability scanning to reveal, classify and assess the security weaknesses of apps, networks and infrastructure components.
  • Static code analysis, identifying flaws in application code that could lead to security issues after release. We verify that code doesn’t contain errors and that security controls are operating as intended.

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