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Data migration is a fundamental element of any change or transformation programme. Whether you're moving data from a legacy to a modern system, transferring it to the cloud, or converting it from unstructured to structured, RWS Data Migration Services can help you get it right.
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What we do

Solving data migration challenges

The fact that your organisation’s data is a key operational asset can make a migration project seem daunting and fraught with risk. 

When you choose RWS Data Migration Services, you're working with experts who understand the complexity inherent in data migration projects. We have the domain expertise to predict likely challenges and issues – and resolve them ahead of migration – to deliver a successful outcome that avoids business disruption and data loss, and ensures your data gets where it needs to be, safely and in the right format.

Whatever your project, we can help

A key element of data migration is converting the data into the right format for the target system to use or process. We're experienced at converting data for a wide range of projects, including: 

  • Storage migration 
  • Data centre migration 
  • Application migration 
  • Database migration 
  • Business process migration 
  • Data migration to the cloud 
  • Consolidation from multiple systems to a single system

Extracting value from unstructured data

If you have a body of unstructured data that can't be readily used or processed, we can migrate it into a structured format for easy analysis, reporting and insights-gathering.

Automated, manual or hybrid

Depending on your project requirements, our data migration experts can: 

  • Use data migration tools and custom scripts to automate your data migration 
  • Migrate your data manually 
  • Perform a hybrid migration that combines automated transfer with manual verification

More than data alone

We can help with migration projects that go beyond data conversion and transfer. Our experience includes: 

  • Migrating assets such as video files, audio files, articles and blogs from one content management system (CMS) to another 
  • Migrations that involve translation or localization, such as converting content for chatbots for international use, where we can draw on RWS content localization services to deliver a complete solution

Data migration project stages

We start by understanding what you want to achieve with your data migration project. We follow best-practice methodologies to ensure a seamless migration, and perform incremental data validations to identify and resolve any ambiguities and issues as early as possible.
Project initiation Acquisition, profiling, cleansing Mapping and transformation Loading and reconciliation

Project initiation

  • Understand your business objectives and IT strategies 
  • Identify data sources 
  • Determine the requirements of the new system, including data format 
  • Define the data migration strategy and process to ensure effective governance

Data acquisition, profiling, cleansing

  • Acquire the data from the existing sources 
  • Review and cleanse the data before migration: 
    • Identify data issues 
    • Remove redundant and duplicate data 
    • Flag up incomplete data 
    • Correct any data inaccuracies

Data mapping and transformation

  • Establish correct data mapping 
  • Understand any calculation logic in the source data and account for it in the new system 
  • Make the migration an iterative process with ongoing validation, to avoid the cost and effort of fixing mistakes post migration

Loading and reconciliation

  • Import the cleansed data into the new system 
  • Test the migrated data (including with end users) and validate upload success 
  • Allow enough time for this stage to minimise business disruption

Why choose RWS

Industry experience

When you choose RWS for data migration services, you'll be working with experienced professionals who've successfully migrated data and content for customers in media, publishing and other industries worldwide.

Regulatory and standards compliance

We comply with global regulatory norms, such as EU GDPR, to protect and secure data during migration projects. For projects that require it, we work to international specifications and standards, such as S1000D, B-52H and DITA.

Globalization support

We complement our data migration expertise with RWS content localization services to help businesses go global with ease and confidence.

Ready for a secure, seamless data migration?

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