Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies have the potential to transform business processes and deliver new experiences, but successful deployment depends on having a clear vision for what you want to achieve, and access to strong development capability. RWS can help you get the right results through a compelling combination of consultancy skills, technology expertise, and a proven delivery framework.
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Transformation and innovation

RWS consultants can help you identify opportunities for transformation and innovation through the intelligent integration of emerging technology into your application portfolio. For example: 

  • Improved process efficiency, consistency and accuracy by reducing human effort and the risk of human error 
  • Access to new services or capabilities, such as intelligent real-time analytics to power decision-making 
  • Greater user or customer satisfaction through delivery of faster responses and more personalized experiences 
  • Increased ecommerce sales with virtual product previews and immersive experiences

The skills to deliver

When developing an application that integrates emerging technologies, such as applied artificial intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, we follow the same best-practice processes as for any other application development project. So you can count on us for on-time delivery of high-quality solutions as we work to defined project schedules and employ our proven quality assurance framework.

Whatever you need in emerging technologies

Our application development team has extensive experience of working with the latest and next-generation technologies. Find out more about what we offer.
Internet of Things (IoT) Applied AI

We can help you take advantage of connected devices – from everyday smartphones to specialist equipment like sensors and cameras – to deliver real-time information and insights in areas such as: 

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) analytics 
  • Idling alert trends 
  • Anti-theft solutions 
  • Vehicle and asset tracking 
  • Smart homes 
  • Healthcare apps 

We develop IoT applications using open source tools, and are experts in all the cloud services that offer out-of-the box IoT capabilities. We work with a wide range of connected devices and are experienced at using and creating device-specific SDKs, and at building SDKs that span multiple devices. 

When developing an IoT solution for you, we'll consult with you to assess your current situation and objectives, build your business roadmap and architecture, and advise on rapid prototyping. We'll apply advanced analytical models to the connected devices and the data they collect to develop a solution that delivers the information or insights you need. We can additionally provide post-deployment support that: 

  • Keeps your connected devices upgraded and maintained with bug detection and fixes 
  • Uses performance analysis data to keep your processes and workflows up to date

When applied AI is integrated into applications, organizations can experience a range of benefits from the automation of tasks that would otherwise depend on humans to perform, to the generation of new insights from vast amounts of (typically unstructured) data. 

Once an application has been 'trained' using an initial set of data, it will typically use machine learning (ML) to keep developing its intelligence in order to refine the results or output it delivers, or become more accurate in its predictions. 

We have experience of developing a wide range of AI-driven applications for purposes such as: 

  • Automated code review 
  • Text- and video-based sentiment and emotion analysis 
  • Machine transliteration 
  • Conversion of text-based feedback into charts and graphs 
  • Recommendation engines 
  • Chatbots for customer service and query resolution
  • Real-time image moderation for social media platforms and content streaming services 
  • Real-time analysis of security surveillance video to identify potential threats 

Depending on business requirement, the apps we develop may incorporate one or a combination of the following capabilities: 

Natural language processing (NLP). Extracts meaning from spoken or written language, and converts text to speech or speech to text. NLP can underpin a host of activities such as decision-making and insights delivery as well as powering chatbots. Machine translation (MT) functionality, such as Neural Machine Translation, can be incorporated to deliver multilingual solutions. 

Computer vision. (or machine vision). Allows computers or robots to identify, analyze and understand information from images and video streams in real time and take appropriate action in line with predefined criteria, with little or no human intervention. 

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). AR adds digital elements to a user's live view, typically via their smartphone or other smart device; while VR delivers an immersive simulated environment using specialist hardware. 

Robotic process automation (RPA). Enables the automation of routine or repetitive tasks, such as data capture from incoming electronic orders. Integrating RPA into your operations helps you create efficient, consistent and error-free workflows that run 24/7, and reserve human intervention for complex or non-standard cases.

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