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The user experience (UX) underpins every digital engagement people have with your brand. RWS Experience Design Services can help you create intuitive, memorable and enjoyable experiences that generate value for your business and your customers.
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User-centred design

Compelling digital experiences drive user engagement and lead to higher customer lifetime value. But if the user interface design or user experience design (UI/UX design) makes the digital engagement with your brand unsatisfactory, the chances are that users won't come back. RWS Experience Design Services can help you avoid this risk by ensuring users and their needs are properly understood and addressed right from the start of any digital development project.

Our experience design philosophy

The experience design philosophy which permeates every aspect of our experience design work is based on the following pillars: 

Empathy. The deep sense of empathy embedded in our approach helps us work closely with end-users and project stakeholders to uncover their pain points and design appropriate experience journeys. 

Simplicity. We strive to create intuitive, highly responsive digital user interfaces that: 

  • Are easy to use and remember 
  • Provide simplified user experiences 
  • Lead to higher conversion rates 

Thought expansion. Design thinking, needs analysis, relevant market fit, appropriate business alignment and scalable technology all help us innovate and visualize potential solutions. 

Agility. Swift, collaborative and time-bound iterations help us deliver the optimal experience design in a more efficient way.

Our experience design process

Our experience design process is based on 'design thinking' – a problem-solving approach that aims to optimize products and services by understanding users, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with an end-to-end service or one or more individual elements of the process.

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We work to understand your business objectives, your target audience, the app or service you want to develop or improve, and the ecosystem and tech stack it will be used with. 

To do this, we deploy deep-dive analysis to holistically understand users and stakeholders, analyze web or mobile usage data, and perform competitor research. This stage, which allows us to put your requirements into perspective, is vital to envisioning the right solution.


With a clear understanding of the requirements, we define the specifications, including component-level definitions navigation flow and information architecture, supported by wireframes. 

Designers and project delivery owners use these assets to verify with project stakeholders that the requirements have been correctly captured and defined.


Once the specification definition is agreed, the project moves to the user interface (UI) design stage. 

UI user interface design includes aspects such as iconography, mobile and desktop layouts, colour scheme, navigation elements, input controls and informational components. The output from the design stage passes to the development team for front-end engineering and back-end integration.


Technology implements the innovative design vision, so our experience designers work closely with RWS software developers and engineers to ensure the design is effectively integrated into the app or service build. 

Even if you're working with your own or other third-party developers, you'll still benefit from this active collaboration.


To verify that the design goals have been implemented, we carry out design reviews, usability testing and other reviews and tests. 

If any remediation work is needed, we provide recommendations that can be implemented by the developers before the app or service goes live.

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