Developing a successful digital workspace

Discover how to successfully connect people and information with a next-gen intranet

“In a knowledge economy, information architecture is vital for leveraging the invaluable knowledge and business insights organizations hold in their data and information. The ability to do so will differentiate the winners from the losers in the decades ahead.”

The coronavirus crisis has thrown into sharp relief the need to have systems that enable us to work effectively together, even when remote and distributed globally. 

However, an effective digital workspace requires more than just knowledge management or a social intranet – it needs people, knowledge and content to work fluidly and in a unified manner. 

Digital transformation isn’t easy though – if it was, we wouldn’t be surrounded by failed intranet projects. 

In our latest ebook, Your 3-Step guide to a successful digital workspace strategy, we set out the steps that will help you develop a digital workspace fit for today’s business needs – and one that is primed to take advantage of future technological developments such as AI and other cognitive technologies. 

  • Discover why classifying the information matters for distributed organizations 
  • Understand the vital importance of structuring content and the need for ‘intelligent content’ 
  • Learn how to build a highly efficient and effective digital workspace for your employees powered by a Knowledge Hub