Are you ready to adopt a new content approach to build your AI-ready enterprise?

IDC Technology Spotlight 2021 Report

From mobile devices to intelligent machines, the volume and sophistication of data is quickly surpassing the human ability to manage it with outdated methods of collection, processing, storage, retrieval and analysis.

The latest IDC Technology Spotlight report shows that spending on content applications remains a high priority for many organisations throughout 2021, with 14% organizations budgeting a 20% increase. 

The report  identifies the key benefits of adopting a component content management system (CCMS) and how AI is improving personalization. Advancements in semantic AI allow a CCMS to provide contextualised insights proactively with human-like responses from machines and systems.

With a CCMS, enterprises can fuel digital transformation, maintain control, and create enhanced employee experiences. They are critical to delivering an AI-enabled knowledge management system that finds, reuses and extracts value from data in real time.

Download this IDC Technology Spotlight, ‘The Future of Knowledge Management: Agile, Governed and AI-ready Componentized Content Services’ research report to discover why CCMSs are critical to achieving true digital transformation.

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