Tridion Docs Genius and Draft Companion

How AI simplifies information findability and content creation

Generative AI (GenAI) and structured content make perfect partners to address certain content challenges. This short video introduces you to two GenAI-powered capabilities that we've added to Tridion Docs to give both content consumers and creators a significant helping hand.
Create trustable chats
Through a real-world scenario, see how Tridion Docs Genius lets you use the power of a GenAI chatbot to answer employee or customer questions reliably and much more efficiently – drawing on language from your structured documents and linking to them for context.
The video also shows how Genius can guide users through related information and processes much more quickly and smoothly, using smart suggestions arranged in a visually intuitive way.
Give authors creative support
Draft Companion lets your structured content authors benefit from the linguistic fluency of a GenAI large language model (LLM). See how they can use the LLM directly within Tridion Docs to improve or summarize the content they're writing.