Tridion Docs Genius data sheet

Tridion Docs Genius brings confidence in navigating complex information

Tridion Docs Genius is more than a traditional knowledge management portal. It’s built for organizations managing large volumes of complex technical information who want people to find the right information more efficiently.
With the help of a new navigation paradigm called Hexahops™ and Trustable Chat, we bring confidence to your search results and help your staff and customers get their jobs done faster. 
Download the Tridion Docs Genius data sheet and discover how you can:
  • Easily and intuitively navigate across vast trails of information with visual navigation elements that don’t require typing
  • Benefit from reliable AI-driven responses through a chatbot interface that offers recommendations and direct references to the source of the information 
  • Match user intent to your content with semantic AI, allowing employees who create and consume it to be more efficient 
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