Introducing Tridion Docs 15.1


The best CCMS on the market just got even better

Building on the success of version 15.0, our latest release — v15.1 — provides major advancements in AI-assisted authoring, guided navigation and trustable chat. Improved headless delivery makes it easier than ever to create rich, multichannel experiences for your customers and staff. Tridion Docs also introduces a new project management area for content authors, along with enhanced usability, productivity, security, performance and powerful content reuse and productivity metrics.

New features

Tridion Docs Genius: where content clicks

Tridion Docs Genius harnesses AI responsibly for trustworthy content discovery. Find verified answers fast, with direct links to the source materials.

Trustable Chat

Trustable Chat gives you confidence in every interaction.
Retrieval Augmented Generation: Trustable Chat composes factual responses by gathering information from the Tridion Docs content repository, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. 
Transparent and verifiable: Trustable Chat backs up its answers to your questions with links to references and source material, allowing you to verify the information and explore further. 
Guided conversations: Trustable Chat is designed to guide you to the next best answer, ensuring you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.
Engage in reliable, fact-based conversations with your AI chatbot.


Hexahops offer a brand-new way to navigate and find the content you need.
Intuitive visual navigation: The unique honeycomb layout allows you to easily spot the content you need at a glance. Preview related topics and navigate to the next step with a single click.
Intelligent recommendations: Hexahops use a recommendation engine and semantic AI techniques to offer content that matches your current goal, role and context.
Designed for complex tasks: Real-world tasks often require multiple resources, not just a list of steps. Hexahops guide you to your end goal smoothly and quickly, without the need for authors to predict every specific user journey in advance.
Focus on your goals, not on searching for information. 

Collective Spaces: collaborate effortlessly, create collectively

Simplify enterprise-wide collaboration for structured content. Centralize authoring, reviews and feedback in one intuitive interface.

Improved UI/UX

Collective Spaces makes it easier than ever to create high-quality, contextual documentation.
Intuitive navigation: The document outline is now on the left-hand side, providing a more natural experience when editing and reviewing content. 
Contextual feedback: Comments are displayed in balloons next to the relevant content, facilitating richer collaboration and streamlining the review process.
Streamlined commenting: The new toolbar simplifies creating comments and suggestions, while the one-click save and share button allows you to work more efficiently. 
Enhanced document history: The timeline on the right-hand side allows you to easily view resolved and unresolved changes within selected revision dates.
Take your collaborative content creation to the next level.

Draft Companion

Draft Companion is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you refine your content with ease.
Instant improvements: Draft Companion provides readability scores and suggestions, grammar and punctuation corrections and summarization, offering immediate benefits to all writers. 
Flexible interaction: Engage with Draft Companion using predefined action buttons for common tasks or use the chat function to request custom linguistic assistance. 
Highly reliable content: All AI-generated suggestions are based on your existing content stored in Tridion Docs, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the improvements. 
Writer-controlled: You remain in full control, selecting only the suggestions that best fit your content and writing style.
Elevate your writing, not your workload.

Organize Space: simplify your content management

Streamline content management and localization effortlessly. Configure users, workflows and permissions through an intuitive web interface.

Improved UI/UX

Familiar features with a simple, functionally rich and easy-to-use user interface.
Modern, intuitive and accessible: The clean, modern layout is easy to navigate for all users, supported by major browsers and optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. 
Streamlined content management and creation: Filter and sort content and make changes on the same page. Use the toolbar for quick actions and create new components with simple templates and role assignment. 
Powerful, configurable search: Our transformed search tool is simple to use, powerful and configurable based on various options, including custom metadata fields. 
Intuitive settings and permissions: Use the redesigned settings with tabs for different areas and granular permissions for power users, administrators and front-end developers to focus on what's relevant.

Publication Hub

Empower users to manage their tasks, prioritize work and collaborate seamlessly.
Centralized project oversight: Depending on their role, users can view assigned tasks, priorities and publication versions. Manage progress and update work status from a single, intuitive interface. 
Seamless authoring tool integration: Launch your favorite authoring tools directly from the Publication Hub, streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity. 
External workflow tool integration: The new API allows easy integration with popular work management tools like Jira and Workfront, ensuring your team stays connected and aligned. 
Clear publication status and collaboration: Publication Hub provides a simple view of publication status, key dates and signoffs, acting as a virtual whiteboard for your team to stay informed and collaborate effectively.
Centralize your projects, empower your team.

Dynamic Experience Delivery: personalize, engage, and scale

Deliver content securely and seamlessly across any digital channel with our flexible headless publishing capabilities.

More streamlined, more personalized

Embrace true headless delivery, for scalable, omnichannel digital experiences.
Streamlined development: Front-end developers can easily retrieve the DITA topics they need using GraphQL, spending less time writing code and fixing bugs and more time building great websites.
Personalized experiences: Updates to the semantic AI package allow you to tailor content further, creating personalized experiences through smart content recommendations based on specific areas of interest, geographic location, job role and more. 
Seamless integration: Work with Tridion Docs content in Tridion DXD in a seamless environment, making it easier to create highly relevant, device-optimized experiences for both customers and internal audiences.
Deliver the right content, every time.

See Tridion Docs in action

Explore our library of demo videos for a more in-depth view of what Tridion Docs does and how it works.
Enhance your understanding of the different features in bite-size snippets and more complete demos — plus, take a sneak peek at what’s new in Genius, Collective Spaces and Organize Space.
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