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Leveraging Linguistic AI

Linguistic AI technologies, like machine translation, are already transforming the way businesses reach global audiences, access new markets, and facilitate superior customer experiences. But with so much noise around AI, it can be a challenge to understand exactly how it can make a difference to your business. Explore our webinar series and resources for a practical look at the features and capabilities that maximize the value of machine translation across your whole organization. 

Part 1: Enhancing translation outcomes with adaptive capabilities

Explore in this on-demand webinar how breakthrough AI adaptations can improve and enhance machine translation performance to speak your language. 

  • Benefits and considerations for implementing adaptive capabilities.
  • Enhancing MT outputs with real-time direct user feedback from across the whole enterprise.
  • Leveraging existing bilingual data with adaptive language pairs.
  • Customizing your translation output with dictionaries and terminology.

Part 2: Machine translation quality estimation: How to raise the AI bar with built-in insights

Quality estimation is a powerful tool to assess machine translation output and prioritize those areas that require additional focus in translation workflows. This helps to optimize expert linguistic resources and drive valuable productivity gains for your organization. Explore in this on-demand webinar:

  • Considerations and benefits for approaching and deploying quality estimation.
  • Utility and value of quality estimation in machine translation adaptability.
  • Practical demonstrations through Language Weaver.

Part 3: The game changer: How automatic post-editing delivers transformative results

Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into how Language Weaver’s powerful automatic post-editing capability can dramatically accelerate your localization processes.  
  • Demystify automatic post-editing including differences between LLM and machine translation (MT).
  • Considerations and benefits for approaching and deploying automatic post-editing.
  • Adaptability and quality estimation in automatic post-editing to enable virtuous cycles of performance enhancement.
  • Practical demonstrations through Language Weaver.

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