US Army breaks down language barriers on the Korean Peninsula

Secure, machine translation (MT)-enabled chat helps the 2nd Infantry Republic of Korea-United States Combined Division overcome the language barrier between its 10,000 American and South Korean personnel
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US Army personnel stationed in South Korea work closely with South Korean Army personnel. The language barrier that they face can lead to misunderstandings, but the division’s translation resources are limited and paid professional interpreters are only available to high-level officers.

“Now US Army and Republic of Korea (ROK) Army personnel are experiencing better communication with minimal delays.”

US Army


  • Translate documents between Korean and English quickly and to a high quality 
  • Provide instant translation within the US Army’s chat client software 
  • Provide a secure translation solution to all personnel


  • Document translation time reduced from up to 2 months to 1 day 
  • Instant chat translation for all 
  • Translation quality improvement – quicker resolution of issues and fewer misunderstandings