Language Weaver Live 2023

Industry peers, experts and colleagues took part in Language Weaver Live 2023 in October sharing insights on solving today's multilingual challenges with breakthrough AI advances.

Watch Language Weaver Live on-demand, featuring topics including:

  • A panel session where we discussed leveraging LLMs and automated translations.
  • The latest machine translation industry trends and technology with our industry expert sessions. 
  • Flutter Entertainment explains how they improved their efficiency and higher quality translation. 
  • Upcoming MT and linguistic AI developments for Language Weaver. 

Language Weaver Live Sessions

Localization at Flutter Entertainment with Language Weaver

Goran Markus, Senior Localisation Manager at Flutter Entertainment explains the integration of Language Weaver for improved efficiency and higher quality translation.

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Adaptive MT, what it is and why it matters

Watch Heather Rossi, Senior Principal Solutions Consultant, as she explains the key concepts and benefits of adapting MT, considerations for approaching and deploying adaptive capabilities, plus practical demonstrations.
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Translate everything automatically with Trados and Language Weaver

Take the industry-leading translation platform, combine it with leaders in linguistic AI, and what you get is an unparalleled and transformative solution. Join Camille Avila to learn more about the power of combining Trados and Language Weaver machine translation to streamline end-to-end translation, breaking down the barriers to translating everything. 
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Panel discussion: LLM - The yellow brick road of language translations?

The explosion in everyone’s appetite for large language models (LLMs) with intense interest raises questions for the translation industry and global organizations multilingual content needs. Where will we go from here and how do we leverage LLMs capabilities to gain an AI advantage? Watch a panel with various industry perspectives on LLMs and automated translations.
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Secure-by-design linguistic AI

Watch this session that explains the "secure-by-design" framework adopted by Language Weaver in its architecture, software development, and features built to protect enterprises' greatest asset - their data.
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Language Weaver product journey

Language Weaver is continuously advancing and expanding MT and linguistic AI features to meet the evolving needs of our customers and users. This session will provide a high-level overview of Language Weaver's ongoing product journey, discuss recent advances that were introduced in the product portfolio, as well as key upcoming developments that are planned.
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