Neural MT Weekly.

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The last mile in machine translation.


The last mile
in machine translation.

The field of Machine Translation continues to move at a fast pace since the advent of Neural Machine Translation. Month on month, there is an increase in the number of research papers being published. As a standard bearer in MT, it's important for the Language Weaver team to stay up to date.

Our world-class team of MT research scientists is constantly reading up on new research in the field, developing prototypes, and testing out things that can improve our engines. The team enjoys a weekly reading group where they discuss (and debate!) articles, and share thoughts on the latest papers and publications.

“The Neural MT Weekly” was launched in July 2018 as a way of sharing our thoughts on this research with you. For this weekly series, one of our MT scientists writes a post on some new paper, article, or topic of interest in the area of Neural MT.

The posts are as accessible and consumable as possible (though there is a technical slant of course). They are 5-minute reads, with a practical summary at the end.

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