Mastering personalization: an insider's take from four experts

Fraser Doig 06 Nov 2023 4 mins
In an age where content reigns supreme, there's no escaping the pressing need for personalization. But mastering this domain isn't merely about feeding tailored content; it's about striking a balance, considering every stakeholder and being future-ready. In this video, we hear the insights of four industry experts from our Tridion partners, Yunique Marketing Ltd, TWi, Okta, and EXLRT.
  • The Depth of Audience Understanding: Understanding the audience goes beyond mere demographics. It's about grasping the intricate needs of not just clients, but employees, shareholders, and partners. The goal? Delivering content precisely when, where, and how they need it.
  • Content Components and Localization: The push for hyper-personalized content transforms our content creation approach. Bite-sized, consistent content, enriched with metadata, readies it for both human consumption and machine interpretation.
  • Balancing Personalization with Privacy: The quest for tailored user experiences runs parallel to the need for respecting user privacy. As regulations like GDPR shape interactions, companies need progressive profiling, where data collection aligns with user interactions, ensuring no unnecessary intrusion.
  • Strategizing Personalization Implementation: Technology, while crucial, is just a component. The real game-changer is a robust strategy. Integrating the right technology tools into a cohesive marketing stack ensures alignment with business goals.
  • The Future is Real-time... and AI-Driven: Imagine content that's not just real-time but also generated on-the-fly, contextually relevant, and powered by AI. That's the transformative future we're inching towards.
Harness the insights from Jarmila, Toni, Philip and Marc as they share their perspectives on the evolving landscape of content and personalization. Their collective experience offers a glimpse into the future, highlighting challenges and opportunities alike.
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Fraser Doig

Fraser Doig

Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager
Fraser Doig is a Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager specializing in helping companies of all industries understand how structured content can elevate their business. At RWS, Fraser works in the Language and Content Technology division, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest developments in the market. He is a regular contributor to publications such as KMWorld and Customer Service Manager Magazine.
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