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Wali Naderi 17 May 2023 4 mins
When and Why to Automate

Recently, Tridion convened with its partner APTARA to discuss synergies between the two companies and gain a deeper knowledge of APTARA solutions. It also included case studies to develop a practical understanding of and benefits of APTARA to clients. Elsa Sklavounou, RWS, VP AI Alliances, Global Partnership, organized the event.

From APTARA, Greg Fagan (Senior Director, Business Development) and Duane Roth (Senior VP of Sales) presented APTARA’s solutions in detail and how it complements Tridion. They made compelling cases for Tridion users to benefit from integrating APTARA’s solutions.

Greg introduced APTARA, some key takeaways include that APTARA’s HQ is in the US and has a global presence. It has a team of 4,600 people who deliver economical and efficient offices across the US, India, and Mauritius. APTARA’s parent company is iEnergizer, with 19,000 employees with ten delivery centers around the globe.

Preparing content to derive value

Greg then detailed various solutions beginning in the order in which they appear in the content value chain. He started with preparing the existing content, which involves:

  • Digitization of legacy content and conversion to XML. JSON
  • Standardize different content (new and legacy) in chosen formats
  • Semantic tagging for discoverability and accessibility

Duane pointed out that accessibility is a significant concern, especially with strict compliance norms and regulations.

Content production and monetization

Greg mentioned APTARA’s PowerXEditor and SciPris, the two platform-based solutions that help produce content and collect fees.

PowerXEditor (PXE):

It is an end-to-end web-based content platform primarily used in journal and book content generation space. It covers the entire flow, from content writing/editing to digital files to publication. Admin has the full view, while the author’s access is limited to their particular work. The solution is highly scalable and comes with real-time reporting.

It can be plugged in via APIs at any point of the chain (e.g., production stage, peer review stage, etc.) and hence can be easily integrated with Tridion.

Duane spoke about a case study where APTARA implemented PXE for The American Society for Microbiology (ASM), the world's oldest and largest single life science membership organization. PXE was implemented for content creation/updating and posting to a hosted site for ASM: www.ecosal.org.

This site is a continually updated subscription-based web resource for the latest primary research on E. coli / Salmonella submitted by researchers. Such websites must be supported by a CMS to store and manage the content, which is where PXE can seamlessly plug in with Tridion. And PXE has an underlying XML architecture that allows users to work in the WYSIWYG environment, creating and validating XML on the fly.


It is also designed for the publication sector to manage/collect article publication charges from the author. For example, when an article is published in a Journal, the author or their institution needs to pay a publication fee to the Journal. SciPris streamlines this process and automates invoicing and collection. Further, it generates reports for tracking and analyzing data.

APTARA’s clients have found SciPris to be very effective and efficient. It is configurable to any workflow and can integrate with any workflow. Hence can be easily integrated with Tridion.

Duane added that SciPris is designed to collect all types of payments, including taxes and it covers multiple currencies, which makes it a robust platform.

Collecting updated data using web crawling and data mining

Apart from these platform-based solutions, Greg mentioned APTARA’s web crawling and data mining services using a client case study of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS). APTARA set up an automated web crawling and data retrieval solution to capture information from regulatory websites such as SEC, FRB, etc.

The solution helps WKFS stay updated as regulations often change in financial services and new rules are introduced. Such data collected can then be stored in a central database like Tridion.

Content creation for corporate learning and performance

APTARA has a specialist team that offers various services, including content design and development, graphic user interface design, learning management and system services, delivery of required output, animation development, voiceover audio, and custom templates.

These easily integrate with the clients' respective learning management system (LMS). Greg mentioned that in this area, APTARA is servicing several large enterprise clients from around the globe.

Healthcare BPO services

Duane took over and spoke about the Healthcare BPO services, which are broadly categorized into medical coding & billing (HIPAA-compliant), medical claims processing, data management, and customer support. These services naturally flow from APTARA’s UK-based parent company, iEnergizer’s deep expertise and experience in this domain since the 1980s.

Duane mentioned that the company has several large clients, which are being supported to help drive efficiency. Customer support (chat, email and phone) is the most significant part and it provides multilingual services from all its locations: US, India and Mauritius.

Duane presented a couple of case studies, including one for the largest US health insurance provider. APTARA provided voice-based customer support with a dedicated team of 40 agents to handle customers’ voice queries 24x7. It led to 24% cost savings and a 96.3% customer satisfaction score. 

The other case study was about the Medical Claims process. APTARA helped a medical billing company struggle to handle the massive volume of healthcare claim forms, which included different document formats. APTARA’s team stepped in and reduced backlogs by about 58%, accuracy by 70%, productivity by 68%, and administration costs by 35%.

To conclude, APTARA and Tridion teams discussed the various effective and enriching ways in which both teams complement each other, including a recent highly complex client implementation. The teams also discussed collaborating further, mainly in the sectors of healthcare, life sciences, and financial services.

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