Mindgame and Tridion: Leveraging psychology for organizational transformation by gamification

Fraser Doig 21 Nov 2023 4 mins

Embracing Change with Mindgame's Serious Games

In an era where change is the only constant, Mindgame has emerged as a pioneer in using ‘serious games’ to facilitate organizational transformation. Established in 2004, they focus on developing digital interactions that gamify behavioural change, in line with their transformation model. These games and applications are used in various contexts, such as awareness programs, reorganizations, changes in company strategy, and onboarding processes, helping employees and management at all levels to explore new opportunities and ways of working. Over the years, Mindgame has created more than 350 customer solutions, catering to different industry sectors and utilizing both digital and physical components. They are specialists at fulfilling business needs by creating impactful experiences.

Understanding Gamer Motivations: A Key to Mindgame's Strategy

At the heart of Mindgame's approach is the understanding of different human motivations. They recognize that individuals get engaged for various reasons personal and depending on circumstance: achievement, exploration, socialization, and competition. This insight allows Mindgame to design games suited for diverse employee profiles, ensuring that their serious games resonate with a wide range of participants.

In Mindgame's approach, understanding different gamer types is crucial in designing serious games that resonate with the diverse ways people learn and work. This concept mirrors the varied learning and working styles found in any organization. For instance, 'Achievers' in gaming, who seek mastery and completion, might be akin to employees who thrive on comprehensive understanding and skill development in their roles. Similarly, 'Explorers', who relish discovering new aspects of a game, correspond to employees who value autonomy and innovation in their work. By aligning their game design with these diverse motivational types, Mindgame couples these insights to the users level of maturity in engagement with the subject. Some people may lack awareness, others want to improve performance by enhancing their knowledge or skills.

This systematic approach is particularly synergistic with Tridion's focus on efficient and adaptable data management solutions, as it offers a diverse yet structured framework for employee engagement and skill development.

The Science of Engagement

In the realm of understanding human motivation, the work of behavioural economist Dan Ariely offers valuable insights. One of his well-known experiments involved a task where participants were asked to assemble Bionicle figures.

In one variant, the completed figures were disassembled in front of the participants, while in another, the figures were disassembled out of their sight. The results showed that people were significantly less motivated to continue working when they saw their work being undone immediately. These findings have profound implications for understanding workplace motivation, suggesting that recognizing employees' efforts and making their contributions feel meaningful can greatly enhance their motivation and productivity.

Mindgame's approach to serious games for business has many similarities to Ariely’s experimental setup. Players are able to track their progress, feel the satisfaction of their progress and experience the freedom to build on their success and to follow their own path. Mindgame creates interactive experiences that make learning and development feel meaningful and engaging for participants. By designing games that tap into intrinsic motivations, they ensure that participants see the value and purpose in their activities, similar to how Ariely's study highlighted the importance of meaningful work.

Mindgame's games are crafted to make employees discover how their work efforts contribute to a larger goal, thereby enhancing their engagement and motivation for work.

A Tool for Transformation

Mindgame's serious games are more than just entertainment; they are sophisticated tools for driving organizational change. By tapping into the intrinsic motivations of employees, these games facilitate a deeper engagement with complex business challenges. Whether it's navigating company reorganizations, strategizing new business directions, or onboarding new staff, Mindgame's games create a dynamic and safe environment for experimentation and learning.

And this is where their innovative approach to gaming intersects with Tridion's expertise in data management and digital solutions. While Mindgame utilizes gamification to engage and motivate employees, Tridion provides the technological backbone to implement these solutions effectively.

The gamified experiences designed by Mindgame align perfectly with Tridion's focus on efficient and transformative digital strategies. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the human aspect of change and learning but also leverages advanced technology to facilitate and track this process. This collaboration ensures that organizational change is not just effectively managed but also deeply ingrained and sustainable, marking a significant step forward in how businesses approach development and adaptation in a rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

We invite you to Discover how Mindgame's serious games can revolutionize your organizational learning and development, and see how Tridion's advanced digital solutions can streamline your data management processes. Both offer cutting-edge strategies to propel your business into a future where change is not just managed, but masterfully played.

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