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Wali Naderi 03 Aug 2023 6 mins
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Recently, Tridion’s partner LUX interactive convened with Tridion’s team to discuss and understand how LUX interactive delivers value to customers worldwide. And how it complements Tridion. Our Elsa Sklavounou, RWS's Senior Director of International Partnerships, organized the webinar as she continuously builds and strengthens our global alliance network!

We had an action-packed team from LUX interactive, including Brianne Ray – Director of Client Engagement & Strategic Partnership along with the owners/partners: Steve Taylor – CEO, and Kris Purcell - CIO.

Introducing LUX interactive – Pure 100% custom development

Brianne introduced us to LUX as a team working over the past 25 years to deliver custom development solutions across Mobile App Development, Web Development, and Progressive Web Development. LUX’s services have been truly customized because they are not based on any particular product or a limited set of software or tools. Brianne elaborated that:

  • Mobile App Development includes developing custom apps for Android and Apple that can seamlessly work with different devices
  • Web App Development involves developing a website with a mobile-first approach
  • Progressive App Development bridges the gap between website and app to offer flexibility to users

As a case example of Progressive App Development, Brianne mentioned that LUX designed and developed a solution for a Tier I automotive supplier that easily supports physically walking manufacturing facilities, custom-built to report and manage compliance mandates involving environment, health, and safety issues in real-time.

Brianne mentioned that they have worked seamlessly with their clients and delivered a personal touch, which has led to referrals and brought growth to LUX. They don’t have a sizeable marketing or sales team, as they believe in delivering continuous excellent work while nurturing long-term relationships that lead to credible referrals.

Brianne and then Steve also emphasized the supportive work culture at LUX that helps retail employees over the long term. This helps the clients build relationships over time and benefit from the team's skills and experience.

Brianne listed some of LI’s marquee clients, including AirTran, Norse, Silver Airways, BrightLine, Porter, Southwest, CTCPA, Doeren Mayhew, etc. As apparent from these names, LUX has strong expertise and experience in the travel domain.

LUX and RWS / Tridion Joint Opportunity Using Case Studies

Moving ahead with the clients, Brianne took us through certain client case studies that made a strong case for CMS and how Lux and Tridion worked to achieve the client’s objectives.

Case Study 1: Norse Atlantic Airways

Brianne share the case of Norse Atlantic Airways, where LUX was hired to design and develop custom software that will interface with Navitaire, a digital-first reservation, retailing and e-commerce system that launched the low-cost carrier industry.

LUX built the system as the primary sales channel for tickets and ancillary products. It allows the customer to plan travel quickly and intuitively from any device using internet connectivity. The solution was built in Sep. 2021 - April 2022 and the ticket bookings followed.

Later, as Norse grew and expanded to cities in different countries, they felt the need to add more languages to the website. At this point, LUX knew it needed a CMS to support multiple languages and provide a strong yet easy-to-use translation workflow.

LUX started exploring and found Tridion a suitable solution, given its all-around capabilities such as headless delivery and cloud-based solution; and tight integration with the RWS Trados Enterprise. LUX brought Norse on board with Tridion and began Phase 2 to build into the Tridion environment and integrate it into the website.

Tridion was integrated into the website in one month, and later LUX added five more languages over the next three months. Thus, Tridion helped significantly quicken the process of adding more languages and facilitating Norse’s rapid expansion.

Case Study 2: Red Roof Inn

An existing LUX client, Red Roof Inn (RRI), is implementing a green-field migration of its website from Tridion on-premise to Tridion Cloud. It involves rewriting and implementing a new version.

Kris mentioned that the on-premise Tridion solution was previously not optimally implemented at Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Inn hired LUX about 1 or 2 years ago and they sorted out the issues to make the Tridion solution work seamlessly. And given that trust, RRI approached LUX now to migrate from an on-premise Tridion solution to a cloud-based Tridion solution.

Way forward: Working in close collaboration

Brianne mentioned that while both these case studies are where the work flowed through LUX to Tridion, there will also be much work flowing from Tridion to LUX in the future, hence the need for this strong partnership between the two companies.

Further, Brianne mentioned that apart from serving the clients, both teams would collaborate to educate each other’s employees and share skillsets. This will help better prepare the teams for project execution when opportunities arise. Brianne will work with Elsa to facilitate such training and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Elsa appreciated the strong relationship that LUX has with its customers. Elsa also highlighted that LUX builds the core content design and website tailored to its customer’s specific requirements and is very flexible in doing so.

Greg Guttmann, Principal Solutions Consultant, Enterprise Pre-Sales at RWS’ Tridion, appreciated how LUX understood and worked with Tridion Sites. He commended the team and highlighted that several large airlines have been using Tridion for several years.

Further, Greg mentioned that these airlines want to utilize the latest Tridion tools and want to keep up to date with the changes and improvements happening in the industry. And this is where LUX can work with Tridion to help airline clients make the best use of Tridion’s technology and LUX’s airline industry expertise.

Greg also mentioned that one of Tridion’s clients, Radisson, won the award for best customer service in the hotel industry for the immersive experience it has been offering its customers to discover and learn more about the hotel and its services. Greg believes that some of the knowledge and experience gained from this could apply to Red Roof Inn.

Next Steps

Elsa mentioned that the teams on both sides could start sharing information about each other’s solutions and capabilities on a common storage platform for a consolidated view. Also, Elsa mentioned that both parties should share client information to perform account mapping.

Elsa mentioned that Tridion could be leveraged by airliners to support their technical teams internally through the use of Tridion Docs, which helps manage technical documents and training material from a central location.

Greg mentioned Tridion Sites 10 and its extensive features. LUX and RWS’ Tridion teams agreed to hold a workshop to walk relevant LUX members through these features.

Both teams thanked each other and wrapped up the webinar on a strong positive note.

If you would like to learn more about how Tridion can help your business, click here.

Wali Naderi

Wali Naderi

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