Bynder and Tridion: pioneering the future of digital asset management

Fraser Doig 16 Nov 2023 5 mins

In today’s digital-first era, the creation and distribution of digital assets can make or break a brand's presence. Marketers, designers, and creatives are at the front lines, grappling with the need to scale up content rapidly while maintaining brand integrity and meeting real-time marketing demands. Recognizing the critical role of robust digital asset management (DAM), Tridion is proud to be partnering with Bynder, the only cloud-native platform at scale in the DAM ecosystem. This alliance is poised to empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their digital content, enabling next-generation customer experiences.

The epicenter of digital asset excellence

Bynder’s mission is to empower customers to conquer the complexity and chaos of proliferating content. Their powerful DAM system has been shaped by a growing need in many industries to include DAM in strategic-level thinking, as well as the need for integrations with commonly used marketing and sales tools, and a simple UI for day-to-day operations. This commitment to innovation has seen them move into the Leaders space of the latest Forrester Wave, reporting on DAM for customer experience.

The connective tissue of your digital ecosystem

Bynder's DAM platform is the cornerstone of a connected and cohesive digital experience. It is the system of record that ensures your visual content is not just managed, but empowered to perform. By facilitating seamless collaboration, swift content deployment, and strategic asset utilization, Bynder empowers teams to create, find, and use digital content with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at how Bynder enables the creation, management and distribution of digital assets through the full content lifecycle.

Streamlining the digital asset journey

  • Connection and ingestion: Bynder begins by connecting and ingesting content from a variety of sources, including creative desktop tools, agencies, and Product Information Management (PIM) systems, through robust integrations. This ensures a smooth inflow of assets into the DAM ecosystem.
  • Organization and accessibility: Next, Bynder's Core DAM comes into play, organizing and storing your digital assets. Coupled with clear brand guidelines, it becomes effortless to search and ensure every piece of content reflects your brand's essence.
  • Creation and collaboration: The platform enhances content workflows, enabling teams to create and review digital assets collaboratively. Approval processes are streamlined, accelerating the creative journey from concept to completion.
  • Design and scalability: With Bynder's Studio and print brand templates, design and scale content variations within your brand guardrails, ensuring creative consistency across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Insightful analytics: Bynder Analytics provides deep insights into content operations, identifying bottlenecks, measuring DAM usage, and evaluating content performance to inform strategic decisions.
  • Transformation and distribution: Finally, Bynder’s Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) and other integration tools transform and distribute content optimized for each channel, delivering the best possible content experience to end-users.

By integrating these tools into a cohesive workflow, Bynder empowers brands to not just manage their digital assets but to leverage them as dynamic, impactful resources in their marketing arsenal. It enables:

  • A unified content ecosystem: Companies can maintain a single source of truth across print and online channels, ensuring brand consistency and content integrity.
  • Seamless integration: Bynder's DAM acts as the connective tissue, integrating effortlessly with marketing automation tools, digital experience platforms (DXP), (W)CMS, product information management (PIM) systems, e-commerce solutions, social platforms, and email outreach programs.
  • Optimized content delivery: users can request and deliver optimized, cropped assets tailored to your audience's needs in real-time, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Each of the tools mentioned above can be leveraged independently, depending on the maturity level of a company’s digital ecosystem. Now, let’s examine one tool in particular that truly showcases the ROI of Bynder’s platform.

Reshaping digital content management

Imagine a world where your digital assets are not just stored but intelligently transformed based on who is viewing them. Bynder's Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) brings this vision to life, offering an innovative approach that drives digital experiences at scale.

With DAT, you can:

  • Enhance Performance: Deliver optimized assets tailored to visitor characteristics, leading to at least a 30% reduction in page load times.
  • Automate with Intelligence: Forget the manual drudgery of creating endless asset variations. DAT automates this process, detecting focal points for optimal image display and cropping.
  • Save Time and Resources: Free up over 100 creative hours monthly by eliminating the need to manually resize assets.

The operational efficiency advantage

Bynder's DAT doesn't just simplify processes; it revolutionizes them. Consider this: for every 750 new images, DAT can perform up to 11,250 transformations, saving approximately 930 hours of design work. That's a cost saving of around €56,250—a significant margin by any standard.

This isn't just theory. These numbers are drawn from real customer case studies, reflecting tangible benefits that could redefine your content management strategy. With Bynder's DAT, content managers can focus on creativity and strategy, leaving the heavy lifting to the technology that was designed to handle it.

Bynder in action: real-world impact

The practical applications of Bynder's DAM are evidenced by its transformative impact across industries:

  • Klarna has leveraged Bynder's DAT to revolutionize its marketing campaigns, witnessing increased conversion rates due to improved load speeds, and achieving a faster market presence. The integration has streamlined asset management, slashing production and resizing costs associated with creating multiple asset sizes, while reinforcing brand consistency and control by centralizing digital assets, thus enhancing Klarna's operational efficiency and brand integrity.
  • ING's adoption of Bynder's DAM and DAT solutions has accelerated their content managers' ability to market, enjoying a more rapid content delivery system. This speed not only propels them ahead of competitors by improving website load times and SEO rankings but also brings significant cost savings in production and resizing. Moreover, ING maintains rigorous control over their assets, ensuring a secure division between public and private materials, thus optimizing their digital asset management and safeguarding their content strategy.
  • Air France KLM, in the highly competitive airline industry, has seen substantial benefits from Bynder’s DAM and DAT solutions. The airline's website now loads faster, propelling them ahead in SEO rankings and directly contributing to beating the competition. They've also realized cost efficiencies through automated production and resizing of digital content. Furthermore, KLM has tightened asset control with Bynder serving as the singular, reliable source of truth for all their digital assets.

Embracing the digital revolution with Bynder

Together, we are pioneering a collaborative vision, enabling businesses to navigate the digital terrain with a partner that offers more than just a platform—it offers a future-proof solution for digital excellence. The partnership between Tridion and Bynder is more than a synergy; it's a strategic alliance that promises to elevate the management of digital content to unparalleled heights. Bynder, leading with its sophisticated DAM solutions, and Tridion, with our content management expertise, are jointly crafting the next chapter in digital asset management.

Join us in embracing the digital revolution, powered by Tridion and Bynder's innovative solutions and our shared commitment to excellence. Talk to our Partner Team - RWS to learn more.

Fraser Doig

Fraser Doig

Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager
Fraser Doig is a Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager specializing in helping companies of all industries understand how structured content can elevate their business. At RWS, Fraser works in the Language and Content Technology division, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest developments in the market. He is a regular contributor to publications such as KMWorld and Customer Service Manager Magazine.
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