Harmonizing words: The revolutionary role of Congree in structured content authoring

Fraser Doig 12 Dec 2023 4 mins

In the complex landscape of structured content creation, Tridion’s technology partner Congree emerges as a pivotal solution for businesses seeking linguistic precision and uniformity. Congree, a leading provider of content optimization tools, specializes in ensuring that corporate language across various documents remains consistent and efficient. This role is crucial when considering the diverse writing styles of individual authors, which, although consistent in themselves, can lead to discordance when combined in larger corporate documents. Congree addresses this challenge by aligning varied linguistic styles with a company's specific language guidelines and industry standards, thereby maintaining the integrity and clarity of the corporate message. With its advanced linguistic intelligence and integration capabilities, Congree plays an essential role in crafting coherent and impactful corporate communications.

Controlled Language: The backbone of consistent content authoring

In the domain of content creation, a Controlled Language is akin to a well-defined script for authors, ensuring that every word and phrase adheres to predetermined linguistic standards. This concept is especially significant in scenarios where diverse writing styles converge – imagine meshing Shakespeare's elaborate Elizabethan English with Twain's succinct, colloquial American prose. The result could be a bewildering blend that confuses rather than communicates.

By enforcing a Controlled Language, Congree imposes a uniform vocabulary and terminology across all content. This standardization is crucial for enhancing readability, ensuring translatability, and maintaining the overall quality of the content. It ensures that, regardless of the author's individual flair, the final content speaks a consistent, coherent language that resonates clearly with its intended audience. In essence, Congree harmonizes the diverse linguistic styles of individual authors, much like blending distinct musical notes into a harmonious symphony. How does it do this? By working within the parameters of a style guide.

The role of a style guide in structured content authoring

A style guide in content authoring acts as a compass, directing the consistency and accuracy of the written word. It is a comprehensive set of rules and standards that dictate how content should be written and presented, covering aspects from grammar and punctuation to tone and terminology. This guide is integral to maintaining a uniform voice and style across all company communications, ensuring that every piece of content reflects the organization's identity and meets its quality standards. But how can organizations truly ensure that the rules are being followed, and in the case of multiple style guides being in use for different contexts, how can they expect authors to be able to keep track with all the different variations?

Enter Congree Authoring Server, a technological solution adept at tackling the complexities of adhering to a style guide. Via its three core components – Language Check, Terminology and Authoring Memory, it seamlessly integrates a company’s authoring guidelines into the content creation process, automatically checking and aligning content with the established standards. This not only streamlines the authoring process but also significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies, ensuring that all content remains on-brand and compliant with the predetermined linguistic framework. With Congree Authoring Server, the daunting task of manually enforcing a style guide transforms into a smooth, efficient, and error-free process.

Enhancing authoring efficiency with Congree Authoring Server

The Language Check feature is crucial for maintaining linguistic precision within structured content authoring tools like Oxygen. It allows the use of multiple style guides tailored for different purposes, enabling real-time or authoring mode checks. As content is created or modified, Congree immediately assesses it, providing instant feedback to authors. Additionally, there's an editor's mode for comprehensive checks of entire documents. This feature includes context-specific assessments, varying checks based on content elements like titles or list items. Crucially, it ties into the terminology research component, identifying deviations from style guide rules, offering scores and notifications on areas needing correction. For example, if we have two similar sounding terms, Congree can look into the style guide and provide the definitions for each term, offering a determination of which is the preferred term. This assists authors in making informed decisions about content readability and translatability, ensuring adherence to linguistic standards.

The Term Candidates component in the Congree Authoring Server is a sophisticated feature designed to enhance terminology management. As Congree analyzes content, it identifies terms that potentially belong to the terminology management system. Authors can propose these terms, but they cannot directly store them in the system. Instead, these proposed terms are stored in a database, where terminologists can assess and either approve them for inclusion in the term base or reject them. This process allows for the addition of relevant, context-specific terms to the corporate terminology, ensuring that content remains consistent and aligned with the company's linguistic standards. Additionally, Congree provides options to specify which information about these terms is mandatory or optional, further refining the terminology management process.

The Authoring Memory component in Congree plays a pivotal role in enhancing translation efficiency and content consistency. It assists authors in identifying sentences that have already been translated or are similar to existing translations. This feature works by showing sentences with various matching rates to existing content in the Authoring Memory. Authors can propose sentences to the Authoring Memory, ensuring that only content that is perfect in terms of spelling, grammar, style, and terminology is added. This process not only streamlines the translation process but also ensures the reuse of high-quality content, maintaining consistency across documents, as well as enabling significant savings in translation costs. Proposed sentences are evaluated for quality before being added to the Authoring Memory, enabling their reuse by the original author or other colleagues, thereby fostering a collaborative and efficient content creation environment.

Meeting the challenge of using generative AI in companies with Congree UCC

A number of different spheres of activity need to be taken into account when composing content in a company. This applies to both general content composition and, in particular, content generation using AI. Given the many departments within an organisation, with their specific processes and tools, it is challenging to ensure consistent corporate language. The creativity of generative AI exacerbates this, making reliable quality assurance essential for compliance with language standards. Machine editing based on linguistic intelligence represents a promising solution with its complementary properties. Linguistic intelligence takes control of generative AI and AI enhances linguistic intelligence with creative proposals. This consolidation of the best solutions from both worlds allows, for example, texts to be verified according to predefined company-specific rules and, while doing so, adjustments to be made on the basis of quality-assured proposals using generative AI. Congree UCC combines Congree’s linguistic intelligence with external resources such as generative AI to ensure holistic content creation.

Elevating corporate communication to new heights

Congree stands out as an indispensable tool in the realm of structured content creation, skilfully addressing the challenges of linguistic consistency and efficiency. Its capabilities in the Congree Authoring Server provide a robust foundation for organizations to produce high-quality, coherent, and impactful content. With Congree, companies can confidently navigate the complexities of content authoring, ensuring that their communication is not only precise but also resonates with their intended audience. As the landscape of content creation evolves, Congree remains a key ally in maintaining excellence in corporate communication.

To learn more, visit congree.com and Tridion.com.

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