Digital evolution: Tridion and AAAtraq unite for a compliance-centric future

Fraser Doig 22 Jan 2024 4 mins

In an era where navigating the complex waters of digital compliance and accessibility is not just a best practice but a legal necessity, Tridion and AAAtraq's strategic alliance marks a pivotal turn. This partnership goes beyond traditional digital content management, directly addressing the intricate web of legal requirements surrounding web accessibility. It's a targeted response to a growing demand for comprehensive, user-friendly solutions that ensure organizations not only thrive but also adhere to crucial accessibility standards in the digital domain.

AAAtraq, with over two decades of expertise in compliance software, specifically in web accessibility, offers an array of products designed to address various organizational needs. A standout offering is the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) SCORECARD, tailored for C-suite executives. This innovative tool provides an overarching view of an organization’s digital footprint, focusing on three main aspects: the environmental impact (digital carbon footprint), social responsibility (accessibility), and governance (privacy issues). With a user-friendly dashboard, the ESG SCORECARD demystifies complex compliance data, making it accessible and actionable for top-level management.

For web and digital teams, AAAtraq offers a diagnostic testing tool called Sitemorse, which will soon integrate with the Tridion platform. This tool provides comprehensive snapshots of websites, assessing various elements like accessibility, SEO, and code quality. It delivers detailed diagnostics, enabling web teams to pinpoint and address specific areas that need improvement.

The real game changer within the AAAtraq portfolio is the Accessibility Content Manager (ACM), a tool designed to tackle the challenges many organizations face in achieving web accessibility compliance. The internet is replete with content, and it is this very content that often leads to compliance failures. ACM emerges as a powerful, AI-driven solution that seamlessly integrates with websites to automate the identification and correction of accessibility issues. This tool is particularly advantageous as it empowers individuals without technical expertise to contribute effectively to making web content accessible. By simplifying the process of managing web accessibility, ACM not only enhances compliance but also significantly reduces the time and costs associated with this endeavour.

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The partnership between Tridion and AAAtraq brings a multitude of benefits. Tridion, renowned for its robust content management solutions, gains an enhanced capability through AAAtraq's specialized tools, especially in the realm of web accessibility and compliance. This integration allows organizations to leverage Tridion's powerful content management framework alongside AAAtraq's compliance and accessibility expertise, creating a comprehensive solution that addresses a wide array of digital challenges.

For organizations, this partnership means a more streamlined approach to managing digital content and ensuring compliance with various legal standards, like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US and the European Accessibility Act (EAA) in the EU. With digital landscapes constantly expanding and evolving, having a central, integrated solution that addresses both content management and compliance is invaluable.

The partnership between RWS Tridion and AAAtraq shows a joint commitment to accessibility and usability. By working together, they aim to advance digital accessibility and support organizations seeking to improve diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I), and social compliance. This collaboration enables progress toward a more user-friendly and accessible digital future.

In summary, the Tridion and AAAtraq partnership is a significant step forward in the digital content management space. With AAAtraq's expertise in compliance and accessibility integrated into Tridion's robust content management system, organizations now have access to a comprehensive solution that not only ensures compliance but also promotes an inclusive digital world. This partnership is not just about combining two powerful technologies; it's about creating a more accessible and compliant digital landscape for everyone.

To start making a difference right now, go to RWS.AAANOW.AI and sign up to the free foundation service, allowing your website visitors to redeliver each page to their specific needs. To learn more about the technology that powers this solution, visit

For more information about this partnership and what it means for the future of content, please talk to our partner team.

Fraser Doig

Fraser Doig

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