Empowering Enterprises: Tridion and ai12z partner to elevate digital interactions

Fraser Doig 06 Feb 2024 4 mins

Tridion and ai12z have entered into a strategic partnership to combine cutting-edge AI technology with robust content management, offering businesses a smarter way to navigate the complexities of digital interaction. Through the power of GenAI, ai12z’s copilot platform assists customers, prospects, and employees in getting their questions answered as well as helping them complete complex tasks. It’s designed specifically for businesses seeking an advanced digital assistant to guide both customers and prospects throughout their decision-making processes, as well as streamline workflows and operations.

Together, Tridion and ai12z are bringing AI copilot technology to enterprises, setting new standards in enterprise-level digital interactions. These solutions include AI-powered search, chatbots, and copilot digital assistants.

The next evolution of AI assistance

Imagine the last time you used a traditional chat service for customer support. You've likely experienced the frustration of chatbots misunderstanding your questions, lacking context, or giving irrelevant responses. And waiting for a human agent often means extended wait times, adding to the frustration.

Now, enter the era of GenAI and advanced large language models (LLMs). ai12z is at the forefront of this revolution with its AI copilots. Unlike traditional chatbots, these advanced systems understand natural language and are equipped to perform a wide array of complex tasks. They're not just responding – they're understanding, analyzing, and providing solutions tailored to your specific context. This marks a significant leap from the frustration of traditional chat services to a new realm where digital assistance is not only helpful but intuitively understands and anticipates user needs.

What is a ‘copilot’?

What exactly is a copilot in the context of ai12z's innovative technology? It's an application that harnesses the power of AI and large language models through a conversational interface to answer queries and assist in performing complex tasks. The distinction between a copilot and a basic chatbot is huge.

Consider a scenario involving an error code. Ask this question to a basic chatbot, and you're likely to receive a generic response: 'Please refer to the maintenance manual.' But when you ask a copilot the same question, the experience is remarkably different. The copilot doesn't just respond; it actively engages. It delves into the manual, extracts the needed information, and doesn't stop there. It suggests practical next steps to resolve the issue, offering a level of convenience and specificity that basic chatbots simply can't match.

A copilot operates on reason, formulating action plans and utilizing various plugins and connectors to execute these plans. Imagine a service technician facing a critical issue with machinery. The technician asks the copilot for assistance. What happens next is a display of the copilot's comprehensive capabilities. It pulls relevant information from manuals, investigates diagnostics to pinpoint the issue, accesses customer data from the CRM, and if needed, it can even facilitate the ordering of a replacement part.

In the realm of structured content authoring, the copilot's versatility shines through its ability to connect to reporting and analytics engines. For instance, if a content author needs to know the volume of content published in the last week, the copilot can instantly provide an accurate answer. This level of integration and responsiveness makes the copilot an indispensable tool in a wide array of professional contexts.

The power of content mastery and data-driven insights

Integrating ai12z's AI copilot technology with Tridion's structured content offers many benefits that are important for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital age:

  • Global engagement: This blend enables businesses to engage with audiences across the world, seamlessly across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and tailored experience for diverse demographics.
  • Round-the-clock support: The technology facilitates the launch of 24/7 customer support, ensuring that help is always available, thereby significantly enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Empowering internal teams: By equipping internal teams with an expertly curated knowledge base, the technology dramatically reduces resolution times. This not only increases efficiency but also boosts team morale by providing them with reliable tools and information.
  • Enhancing customer experience: The synergy between AI copilots and structured content creates a more intuitive and responsive customer experience. This leads to increased sales and fosters brand loyalty as customers feel more understood and valued.
  • Cost savings through automation: Automating workflows with this advanced technology results in considerable cost savings. By streamlining processes and reducing the need for repetitive manual tasks, businesses can allocate resources more effectively and focus on growth and innovation.

These benefits illustrate how the combination of ai12z's AI technology with Tridion's structured content is a leap towards transforming how businesses interact with their customers and optimize their internal processes.

Reinventing search

In an innovative shift from traditional search functions, ai12z has brought in advanced search capabilities through semantic AI. This development represents a significant departure from the typical keyword-driven search results that often yield long lists of loosely related content.

Take the example of a financial services company’s web-based search function. With ai12z's solution, a question like "what are your annuity solutions?" brings back a direct answer instead of just a list of links. This enhances the user experience, providing succinct, relevant information that users can immediately understand and utilize.

Moreover, users can interact with this advanced search function in their native language. Additionally, they have the option to rate responses, offering valuable feedback to both the AI system and content authors, helping to identify areas for content enhancement or clarification.

The implementation of ai12z's technology is carefully curated to each company’s specific content, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the responses. Companies can prevent hallucinations because they’re telling the system to only use their uploaded content.

Whether implemented as a search function, a chatbot, or a Slack integration, ai12z acts as a digital personal assistant, answering questions, offering recommendations, and assisting users in their tasks.

The future of intelligent content service

Tridion and ai12z’s partnership propels the content management industry into the realm of generative AI. The embedded ai12z copilot handles high-volume queries across channels and languages, enabling individualized CX journeys, and providing actionable insights – key ingredients for continued relevance.

While AI capabilities will only expand, ai12z’s persistent innovation ensures clients lead rather than follow as technology progresses. Businesses seeking to provide premium digital experiences rely on Tridion for state-of-the-art offerings. And now, ai12z catapults them years ahead – the new imperative for remaining competitive.

The collaboration between Tridion and ai12z brings forth significant advancements in content management and AI-driven solutions. This partnership will redefine industry standards, enhancing customer engagement and offering new avenues for competitive advantage.

Curious to see how Tridion and ai12z can transform your business with their innovative solutions? Discover more about their partnership and how it can elevate your enterprise's digital capabilities. Visit Tridion and ai12z today.

For more information about this partnership and what it means for the future of content, please talk to our partner team.

Fraser Doig

Fraser Doig

Senior Associate Product Marketing Manager
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