Baselining is a system for managing componentized content that is unique to Tridion Docs. Every publication created and maintained in Tridion Docs has a baseline. It enables the user to identify and add all the content modules needed to build a publication and freeze them in place, creating a point of reference for all future versions. This helps to determine which content is current, which is work in progress, and which is outdated. 

Use cases 

  • Discover information about each item (map, topic, image, resource) used by the publication 
  • Define which content items make up a specific publication 
  • Define the exact version of each content item in a publication 
  • Share baselines between publications 
  • Manage localized and translated content

Key benefits

  • Rigorously control versions 
  • Compare versions to view changes 
  • Trace back older content 
  • Generate consistent, dynamic output 
  • Publish new information rapidly in any language, on any channel

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