Turkish Airlines website goes global with 250 sites in 13 languages

Turkish Airlines wanted to modernize their web presence and customer experience and identified Tridion Sites as the right fit for their needs.
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Industry:: Travel
Turkish Airlines were clear that to fulfil their mission of becoming ‘the preferred leading European air carrier’ they needed to modernize their online presence and customer experience with a modern, robust and reliable global CMS platform.

“The personalization capabilities alone have resulted in much higher conversion and retention rates, while the new platform overall has exceeded all expectations.”


  • Outdated website 
  • Difficult to manage content across sites
  • Hard to add new languages



  • 250 sites in 13 languages 
  • Easy to add or modify languages and countries 
  • Personalized content led to much higher conversion and retention rates 
  • Integration with other systems – booking applications, mobile apps, SEO crawlers and data analyzers