• Adobe Marketo Engage
  • Tridion Sites

This connector allows Tridion Sites users to include Marketo forms in web pages and pull customer data from Marketo to automatically personalize web content authored and published from Tridion. It also lets you push content authored in Tridion to Marketo for use in Marketo campaigns. 

Key features 

  • Use Marketo forms in Tridion to capture leads directly to Marketo when the form is completed by a website visitor. 
  • Personalize web content using customer data held in Marketo, such as their names. 
  • Use Tridion Experience Optimization to create personalization rules using, for example, a web visitor's Marketo lead score or customer segmentation. 
  • Publish Tridion components and images (including images from a connected DAM) to Marketo, including sending different languages to the correct localized Marketo pages.
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