• Brightcove Video Cloud
  • Tridion Sites

This connector provides access to Brightcove videos, playlists and players directly from Tridion Sites. It allows Tridion Sites editors to use videos and playlists from Brightcove Video Cloud within Tridion content components and pages, and control and configure the Brightcove player used to play these assets. 

Key features 

  • Easily manage video assets and related content through a single interface: Tridion Sites. 
  • Know that videos published through the Tridion DXD GraphQL interface are associated with their Brightcove metadata, enabling both your Tridion users and web visitors to find what they need. 
  • Edit video metadata, making it easier to work with videos and track their use. 
  • Associate Tridion templates with a Brightcove player to control the choice of player and player characteristics for different web pages. 
  • Download video-related images such as thumbnails and poster images for use on your pages.
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