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When one right answer's not enough: goal-oriented content delivery beyond simple search and AI

CIDM RWS webinar

Delivery of tech docs often focuses on search — getting users to a good starting place. But users often have goals that a single page can’t cover. Serious tasks can require reference info, scenarios, and guidance. Users may need information in different media. Each user’s goal depends on their specific context, and they need to follow a unique path through the information. Writers cannot possibly design content for all of those users, with all of their unique paths.

Many of the ways that people have tried have failed. At various times, tech docs have relied more on search, or more on manual hyperlinks, or taxonomy. Pages have been long or short, other media have gone and come. Now AI offers easier ways to map content together, but even that’s not enough. Why?

Only a combination of techniques will give you the information model that you need. And the techniques on their own won’t get you all the way — you need an integrated design to bring your solution together. Learn how.

Key takeaways of this webinar will be;

  • The real needs of complex tasks for users, and how to map them to usable metadata.
  • What AI can do to suggest appropriate content — and what it can’t
  • How to design a suitable goal-enabling solution for your own organization’s needs

Join in with Joe Pairman, Director of Product Management, RWS Group and Jörg Schmidt, Senior Solutions Architect, RWS Group to find out more. 


Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt

Senior Solutions Architect


Joe Pairman

Joe Pairman

Director of Product Management

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