DIA Global Annual Meeting

June 16-20, 2024 in San Diego, CA
We are excited to exhibit at the DIA Global Annual Meeting (DIA 2024) which is taking place in San Diego, CA 16-20, 2024.
For more than 50 years, DIA has provided a neutral and transparent global forum for the exchange of ideas to further scientific and medical innovations. Fueled by the collaboration of thousands of attendees. This event brings industry, regulators, academics, and patients together to illuminate solutions to global and local challenges in the life sciences community.
We are excited to participate in this annual event to showcase RWS as a leading provider of language and structured content authoring solutions. We help organizations grow globally, providing support with clinical trial management, linguistic validation, labelling and much more in any language.
Further information to follow shortly. In the meantime, follow us on @RWSGroup for updates.