Knowledge graphs in tech docs: How to build a taxonomy

Future of documents – Structured content authoring and semantic AI

The future of documents is being shaped by a fundamental change in how information is exchanged. From filing cabinets to cloud-based data storage and management apps, documents have seen a shift from traditional formats towards semantically tagged information – exchanged in an open digital format.

In this talk, Jan Benedictus of Fonto, part of RWS Group, will share examples from industries that have a history of using structured content – such as for managing and publishing their technical documentation – as well as from industries that are newer to the game.

Jan will discuss:

  • The future of documents as structured content and semantics grow from niche to mainstream
  • Structured content with semantic tags – what is it, and why is it so fundamentally different from formatted documents?
  • What drives organizations to move from traditional authoring towards structured content authoring?
  • How industries can learn from each other – best practices and lessons learned


Jan Benedictus

Jan Benedictus is founder and managing director of Fonto. His experience goes back to the late 1990s when he started working in the field of online and digital publishing. In 2014, he started Fonto – with the mission to make structured content authoring available for everyone. 

Fonto, now part of RWS, is the leading provider of user-friendly tools for structured content creation, editing and review. Jan is a regular speaker on the subject of the future of documents, sharing Fonto’s experiences and insights from working with structured content in various industries.

Jan Benedictus