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RWS Partner Webinar

Topic: How to feed a chatbot with your documentation content

60-minute webinar

In this webinar the speakers will introduce a content supply chain to make XML documentation content accessible to a chatbot. A typical use-case scenario would be using the chatbot for troubleshooting, having the chatbot respond with the correct solution(s) extracted directly from the XML source files. The solution was developed as part of a master’s thesis, which also included tests of the user acceptance for this kind of user assistance.

Speaker: Mette Lilienthal, Technical Communicator, Parson AG

Mette grew up in both England and Germany and therefore has always been interested in languages and cultures. During her Bachelor studies she first started working with speech automation. For her Master’s degree she developed a chatbot for documentation content as her thesis. She now works at parson as a Technical Communicator.

Speaker: Jörg Schmidt, Senior Solutions Architect, RWS

Jörg has been working in multiple roles for different CCMS providers for more than 20 years. During that time, he has helped defining and implementing solutions in verticals like machinery, automotive, A&D - but also pharma & finance. Since 2013, he has been working for RWS as a Solution Architect.

This webinar will be in English.

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David Morgan

Mette Lilienthal

Technical Communicator

Parson AG

Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt

Senior Solutions Architect