Succeeding with Modern Intelligent Content Services (and AI)

1 hour webinar

Intelligent Content Services are here to supersede traditional document management and monolithic ECM systems. They are different from the buzzy AI services, and have for years been becoming ever more crucial to building scalable business applications that facilitate better information access, sharing, and collaboration using a range of leading-edge concepts like componentized content, semantic AI, headless content systems, and omnichannel distribution. On this webinar, our special guest speaker Noz Urbina – Founder, Urbina Consulting along with Chip Gettinger of RWS– will show what makes a content service intelligent and show multiple, practical application use cases across Financial Services, Pharma, Enterprise Software, and more.

What you'll learn:

  • How semantic AI and ontologies intersect with intelligent content services.
  • The surprising power of combining component content and semantic services.
  • Characteristics and benefits of intelligent services for omnichannel and headless CMS scenarios.
  • Key applications to automate for modern businesses.
  • Methods for integrating auto-tagging for better knowledge exposure to the enterprise.
  • Strategies for integrating data into content and document-style deliverables.

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Noz Urbina

Founder and Omnichannel Strategist, Urbina Consulting

Noz Urbina is a globally recognized content strategist. He is a pioneer in experience mapping and adaptive content design for personalized, contextually relevant content for omnichannel experiences. He founded Urbina Consulting, the omnichannel learning hub OmnichannelX, and wrote the book “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits“.

Chip Gettinger

Chip Gettinger

VP Global Solutions Consulting, RWS

Chip manages a team that works with customers in maximizing global content with RWS. He has experience working with customers to develop global content strategies, business ROI adoption drivers, change management, and technology adoption for component content management systems. He speaks and blogs about customer successes working closely with industry standards, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployments.