Content needs categories

Adding taxonomy to structured content for an exceptional customer experience

Good taxonomies – or schemes for classifying content – are integral to a smooth customer experience on your website. Taxonomies are used to boost your SEO, structure your website navigation, power your search filters, and more. In other words, they help your customers find you, find relevant content, and find the products they need. 

In this webinar, Sarah O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Scriptorium, explains the basic concepts and the ‘why’ of taxonomies. Putting herself in the customer’s shoes, she looks at what makes a website enticing and helpful rather than disordered and off-putting – demonstrating how well-ordered taxonomies can help customers help themselves, and convert traffic to sales. 

Our own VP of Global Solutions Consulting at RWS, Chip Gettinger, dives in depth into the ‘how’ of taxonomies, drilling down into the details of knowledge organization systems. He discusses how to match visitor intent to content by leveraging semantic AI to improve search suggestions, provide results from partial inputs, and build powerful filtering capabilities. 

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