California Casualty improves employee productivity
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Staff at California Casualty faced information chaos. Many struggled to find the information they needed quickly, would find multiple versions of content with no way of telling if it was out of date, and authors often rewriting material that already existed elsewhere. 

Read our case study to find out how California Casualty were able to: 

  • Reduce 35,000 documents down to 6,500 documents – an 81% reduction in the amount of content 
  • Establish a 'single source of truth' that staff could trust and rely on to be up to date wherever it appeared 
  • Improve the quality of navigation by 57% – so users could navigate directly to the content instead of searching for it 
  • Reassign their four person help desk as the amount of time spent searching for information dropped so significantly that it was no longer needed 

Download Case Study