Benefits of using SAFe for managing a CCMS upgrade

Managing a successful CCMS upgrade requires detailed coordination, planning, testing, communication and execution. 

Watch our webinar to learn how NXP effectively utilizes SAFe methodologies, together with RWS, their CCMS vendor, to manage and execute their upgrade project. 

Maria and Noreen, who drove the project, discuss how NXP used SAFe methodologies to: 

  • Document their CCMS configurations 
  • Develop and execute test cases for upgrade testing 
  • Manage communications with RWS and third-party vendors 
  • Communicate the benefits of the upgrade to business users 
  • Move all users into an upgraded production system with minimal interruptions 


Maria Yenerich works as a Scrum Master within the NXP Marketing Information Technology (IT) Group and has over 20 years of system management experience. 

Noreen McMahan has over a decade of experience in training CCMS users around the world on Tridion. She authored the online training in the DITA environment using the same tools as the writers and engineers she trained, and has experience in both deploying a new CCMS and upgrading an existing one. 

Chip Gettinger is VP Global Solutions Consulting at RWS, managing a team that works with customers in maximizing global content with RWS. He has extensive experience of working with customers to develop global content strategies, identifying the business ROI adoption drivers, and implementing change management programmes.

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