Data-driven Content Management and Delivery

Servitizing DITA Content with Knowledge Graphs

For many years Sandvik is creating, managing, translating, and publishing conditionalized DITA content with RWS technology and services. This content has been created with a “Safety First” approach and published as PDFs.

Sandvik`s new digital service offerings – enabled through connected products - require customers and service technicians to retrieve personalized and relevant information components through their Web-based aftersales application My Sandvik / SmartMate with the new paradigm: provide the right information, for the right use case at the right time.

To enable this a semantic data layer has been implemented combining existing taxonomies, product-structures and iiRDS. DITA topics are now tagged by taking advantage of the Semantic AI capabilities – so called “Smart Tagging”. They hereby created smart content components are then delivered and exposed in a content-as-a-service approach.

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