Emirates soars to new heights in delivering digital experiences

The airline is using Tridion Sites for sophisticated content management across 168 regional websites in 28 languages – delivering a powerful, customer-centric digital platform.
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Determined to give customers the same high-quality experiences online as they have come to expect in flight, Emirates airline needed better control over a complex suite of regional websites in different languages.
After rigorously testing six leading content management systems, Emirates chose Tridion Sites for its flexibility (including rapid deployment) and its advanced support of personalization and multilingual content. The airline has set a new standard in digital content delivery by embracing cloud hosting and intelligent content management strategies.

Emirates' journey with Tridion is a shining example of how technology and strategic vision can come together to create a powerful, customer-centric digital ecosystem


  • Huge volumes of content – continually growing and being updated
  • Multiple platforms and devices to support
  • Diversity of languages, including those with double-byte character sets 
  • Requirement to adapt content to different cultural norms and visitor profiles



  • Expansive digital footprint grown to 168 websites in 28 languages
  • Up to 40,000 publishing jobs managed per day through headless content management
  • Pages rendered in 20 milliseconds, with content automatically adapted to regional and individual needs