Powering great user experiences with intelligent content

Discover how a content management system can bring immediate productivity gains, enrich customer experiences, and future-proof your content via semantic AI

In today's digital-first world, businesses create digital content every day, in multiple formats, across a growing number of channels and platforms. The right content management system can bring immediate productivity gains, increase trust in your information, and facilitate a better customer experience.
In this recorded webinar, Arpita Maity and Chip Gettinger discuss how this can be done via adoption of structured content, authoring in components, delivery via a headless CMS and more. They also discuss ways of enriching customer experiences and future-proofing your content with semantic AI, that makes human conversations understandable to machines.
About the Speakers

Chip Gettinger

Chip Gettinger is VP Global Solutions Consulting at RWS, managing a team that works with customers in maximizing global content with RWS. He has experience working with customers to develop global content strategies, business ROI adoption drivers, change management, and technology adoption for component content management systems. He speaks and blogs about customer successes working closely with industry standards, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployments.
Arpita Maity

Arpita Maity is Director of Product Marketing at RWS. She has a bachelors in Computer science engineering and an MBA in marketing and strategy. At RWS, she focuses on Content Management Technology Portfolio. Previously, Arpita held positions in various product and strategy roles at other multinational organizations, including Engage Process, Advicent, Microsoft and Cummins Inc. She regularly contributes to content management and artificial intelligence blogs.
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