Revolutionizing Compliance: Turbocharging Time-to-Publish for Accessible Web Content

RWS partner on-demand webinar

In this on-demand webinar Greg Guttmann, Director, Product and Solutions Consulting, RWS and Rob Andrews, SVP of AAAtraq, will delve into the innovative strategies and technologies reshaping compliance processes, helping you to publish accessible and inclusive web content faster (90% of time saved) without sacrificing regulatory integrity.

Greg and Rob will share insights, tools, best practices and how Tridion and AAAtraq have teamed up to help you revolutionize your compliance framework and accelerate your digital initiatives.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the new challenges in accessibility compliance and exploring the latest advancements in compliance automation and validation
  • Find out how to streamline content compliance using AI
  • Practical tips for reducing compliance bottlenecks and speeding up time-to-publish

Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and unlock the potential for faster, more efficient compliance processes. 

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