Tridion transforms content management for St. James’s Place

Tridion has enabled St. James’s Place to implement a brand refresh in just a couple of months. They can centralize, control and reuse content to scale with Tridion’s proprietary BluePrinting technology.
St. James’s Place
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St. James’s Place
Industry:: Financial Services

St. James’s Place is a wealth management company, offering personal financial advice from a network partnership of over 4,500 qualified, expert financial advisors.

With Tridion Sites, St James’s Place can easily manage over 2,000 websites for their partners. 

The old process of updating partner websites was both slow and costly. Now, a team of just five people can manage and implement as many as 60 to 80 content changes every day. 

And they are looking at ways in which Tridion can further improve their customer journey and support their financial advisor partners even more successfully.

Gemma Chatfield

“Tridion allows us to manage websites but to scale. So, we have flexibility for our partners balanced with controlled flexibility so we can centralize content management and ensure it stays compliant.”

Gemma Chatfield, Head of Digital Marketing Platforms, St. James’s Place


Accuracy, clarity and compliance are crucial in the financial and investment sectors. Previously managing 2,000 financial advisor websites was costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. Now, with Tridion, St. James’s Place has a scalable, simple service for online content management.



  • St. James’s Place now uses Tridion to manage more than 2,000 financial advisor websites.
  • Cheaper, faster, easier and compliant. 
  • Team of five can implement as many as 80 content changes a day. 
  • Content personalization options. 
  • Improved SEO performance.

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