Structured content authoring and semantic AI – a life sciences and financial services perspective

The future of documents is shaped by a fundamental change in how information is exchanged. This future sees a shift from traditional documents, formatted and optimized for reading by humans, towards semantically tagged information – exchanged in an open digital format – for reading by machines. 

In this talk, we share examples from industries that have a history in structured content – such as publishing and technical documentation – as well as from industries that are newer to the game such as pharma and financial services.

  • The future of documents – structured content and semantics – from niche to mainstream
  • Define structured content. What is it? Why is it so fundamentally different from formatted documents?
  • What drives organizations to move from traditional authoring towards structured content authoring?
  • How can industries learn from each other? A discussion of benefits and features.
    • Content automation
    • Documents as data
    • Component-based authoring
    • Future of documents
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