Using structured authoring to publish videos at scale

Find out how current technology supports organizations to make video scalable, compliant and cost effective.

Component based content management, structured authoring, and semantics not only help us to scale and personalize documents and data driven publications, but also enable organizations to create, localize and maintain large volumes of rich media publications, such as e-learning courses, animations and for instance instruction videos. 

A growing number of use cases and business needs demand for video as the preferred format. Visual media, like video, often help people to understand, and remember topics and concept better. It helps to improve learning and reduce support cost. Also, adding video enables organizations to communicate with their stakeholders via channels and devices they prefer. The challenge is: how to make video scalable, compliant, and cost-effective? 

Check out this webinar recording with Wiegert Tierie of RWS and and Wouter Maagdenberg of TXTOMedia where they not only explain how current technology supports organizations reaching these goals, but also how it positively influences operations, and competitive advantages of organizations.

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