How Semantic AI helps deliver better performance 

We have recently released the latest version of Tridion Docs – Tridion Docs 14 SP4. 

This is the first version of Tridion Docs to support Semantic AI – an approach to making information findable and futureproof. It helps you to streamline and automate the process of tagging information while adding powerful search capabilities. 

Tridion Docs 14 SP4 features: 

  • Semantic Search to match user intent to content 
  • Smart Tagging to help authors enrich content quickly and accurately 
  • Sophisticated multilingual taxonomy management 
  • Simplified review collaboration 
  • Integrated spell check 
  • Productivity enhancements for technical authors 
  • Improved ease of use and simplified upgrades 

Watch the webinar recording with Joe Pairman, Senior Product Manager, Tridion Docs, and Chip Gettinger, VP Global Solutions Consulting, to find out more about the Tridion Docs 14 SP4 release and how Semantic AI can help you increase automation and improve productivity.

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Chip Gettinger

Chip Gettinger is VP Global Solutions Consulting at RWS, managing a team that works with customers in maximizing global content with RWS. He has experience working with customers to develop global content strategies, business ROI adoption drivers, change management, and technology adoption for component content management systems. He speaks and blogs about customer successes working closely with industry standards, partners, and customers in technology solutions and deployments.

Joe Pairman

Joe Pairman is Senior Product Manager, Tridion Docs. By looking at customers’ underlying needs, and recognizing technical opportunities, he has built truly innovative solutions with strategic value. Joe designed and led the development of a personalized guidance app that helped millions of users without requiring any of their data. He also integrated a knowledge model with granular structured content to automatically give data integrators a broad overview of their available implementation options and next actions.