How Semantic AI helps deliver better personalization 

We have recently released the latest version of Tridion Sites – Tridion Sites 9.6. 

This is the first version of Tridion Sites to support Semantic AI – an approach to making information findable and futureproof. It helps you to streamline and automate the process of tagging information while adding powerful search capabilities. 

Tridion Sites 9.6 features: 
  • Semantic Search to match user intent to content and help them find the right information to meet their goals quickly 
  • Smart Tagging to help authors automatically enrich content quickly and accurately 
  • Sophisticated multilingual taxonomy management 
  • Many productivity enhancements for authors to improve day-to-day operations 

Watch the webinar recording with Arno van Nijnatten, Senior Product Manager, Tridion Sites, and Greg Guttmann, Principal Solutions Consultant, to find out more about the Tridion Sites 9.6 release and how Semantic AI can help you increase automation and improve productivity.

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Greg Guttmann, Principal Solutions Consultant, RWS

Gregory has nearly two decades of experience in helping top global companies optimize their digital footprints - as an engineer, product manager and sales engineer - and holds two patents in the areas of Composite Applications and Digital Experience. Originally from Canada and a graduate of the University of Toronto, he is fluent in French and German and currently lives north of Silicon Valley in San Francisco with his family.

Arno van Nijnatten, Product Manager, Tridion Sites, RWS

Arno joined us in 2012 working in various positions before taking on the role as Product Manager, where he is responsible for defining the vision, developing the strategy and contributing to the product roadmap for Tridion Sites.