Supported patent filings

Direct Filing
Deadline: 12 months
Power of Attorney: Yes*
Assignments: Yes**
Language: Spanish
Translation Extension: Yes***
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: Optional at filing or deferred
Country Notes:

* Power of Attorney forms must be notarized and legalized via either the Apostille procedure or at a Paraguayan consulate in your home country. The consulate will provide instructions on the procedure that is required; note that costs will be incurred for this. Forms must be filed within 60 days from the filing date of the application. If the form is issued for a company, the Notary Public must not only certify the authenticity of the signature, but also confirm that the person(s) is legally capable of doing so.

** Assignments do not need any kind of certification or legalization and must be filed within 60 days from the filing date of the application.

*** The Spanish translation can be submitted within two months from the filing date. However, the Spanish translation of the title and abstract must be submitted at filing.

• A certified copy of the Priority Document and its certified Spanish translation should be submitted at the time of filing the application. Late filing of these documents is possible within three months from the application filing date but will result in a late fee.

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