Adaptive capabilities

Deploy breakthrough AI adaptations that provide translations that are attuned and tailored to your specific requirements such as domain terminology, specialist industry vocabulary, brand style and tone. 
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Real-time direct user feedback

Provide feedback and suggest better options which, together with built-in approval workflows, immediately improve and enhance the MT output for the benefit of the whole organization.  

Use the feedback editor to upload, edit and download entire documents, while preserving the original format. Collect feedback at scale, adapt MT models and empower your entire organization with instant improvement. 

Adaptive language pairs

Deploy your own models by leveraging existing bilingual data and translation assets. Create multiple models for different needs or workflows in rapid timeframe for development and re-training.

Take adaptive language pairs to the next level with auto-adaptive language pairs. Train models continuously and automatically with real-time feedback submitted by users, dictionaries and uploaded translation memories.

Dictionaries and terminology

Enforce key terminology by adding dictionaries to customize your translation output such as brand names, industry- and domain-specific lexicon.
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Custom language pair solutions

Let Language Weaver team of linguists, scientists and consultants develop custom models that are tailored to your unique, individual requirements.

Secure your AI advantage

For more information on how Language Weaver's adaptive capabilities can benefit your organization please contact us. 

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