Machine translation helps NetApp translate 10x more content for customers

Fully 80-90% of NetApp's localized content is being translated through Language Weaver – with virtually no post-editing.
Company region: Worldwide (Headquartered in US)

NetApp is an IT provider of data, application and storage solutions to businesses worldwide. The company's machine translation (MT) journey began before the advent of neural machine translation (NMT), when one of its regions requested more local-language content – but didn’t have the budget for translation. When NMT burst onto the scene some five years later, NetApp was well prepared to take advantage of this step change in MT quality.

RWS has been NetApp's MT partner through its whole journey. After NetApp migrated to the Language Weaver cloud-based NMT solution, it was really able to accelerate its MT-first vision, with stunning results.


“We regard a partner like RWS as an extension of our team. We depend on each other – it’s a high-value relationship.”

Edith Bendermacher, Director, Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations, NetApp


  • Realize an MT-first content strategy – with no compromise in quality
  • Create automated localization workflows for content creators
  • Give everyone in the company secure access to MT



  • 10x more content translated (growing from 10m to 100m words in five years) with a smaller budget
  • High quality without post-editing
  • Translation at the click of a button through integrated business systems
  • Secure internal enterprise translations